tough days

This past Saturday was one of the toughest days in all my ministry. A young family in our church has been on a huge rollercoaster the last 2 1/2 weeks. On Sept. 13th, 6 year old Casey Callaway was diagnosed quite suddenly with leukemia. The preliminary prognosis was promising with a form of the cancer with a high cure rate. However, this past week infections set in that eventually took young Casey’s life this past Saturday, only 16 days after the initial diagnosis. Helping this young family make sense of this is difficult at best. There are no cliche’ or pat answers that will make things alright. The answers to “why” may never come this side of heaven. However, we can trust in God’s sovereignty and lean on His grace and the hope we have in Christ.

Please pray for this family. Pray for Casey’s parents, Chip and Loni. If you want to send them words of prayer and encouragement, you may comment on this blog and they will be forwarded.

If you have kids, hug them long and hard. Thank God for blessing you with them.

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