“Can’t Wait For More”

The other day Abby, my 7 year old, brought me a piece of paper. She said, “Daddy look what I wrote.” I said, “Is this something for school?” She said, “No. It’s just a sentence I wrote.” Below it was a picture she had drawn too. I looked at it and smiled. It said, “My life is so fantastic I can’t wait for more.” That was it. That was how she felt.

Now, how many of us have that kind of perspective on life? I was struck by the fact that even though my daughter doesn’t have a lot of fancy stuff (by a lot of standards), nor does she have some opportunities to be involved in as many things as other kids. (partly because of simple scheduling in a large family) She doesn’t seem to be missing anything! She has plenty, in her mind…and it is fantastic! She has God’s perspective in Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.

My life…is it about stuff or experiences…or is it about seeking God, loving Him, counting my blessings, trusting Him, and just enjoying the life He’s given me? If it is about stuff or experiences, I think the “fantastic” may always be just out of reach. The perspective of a 7 year old may seem pretty simplistic to you. You may say, “Well of course her life is fantastic. She doesn’t have to deal with all of the adult problems and issues I have.” True. But I need to keep the same perspective and realize how truly blessed I am. My life really is fantastic. When I have that perspective, I really can’t wait for more!

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