I have decided that since my wife has ton’s of hits on her blog, I need to do something to catch up to her.  She attributes most of her hits to searches for recipes. So, I have put recipe in the title. This will ensure some searches will land on my blog…maybe.

How about an actual recipe:

Grilled Steak

Buy steak
fire up the grill
marinate the steak in Dale’s sauce for a long time (like most of the afternoon)
grill it until it is just barely done


There that should bring a few blog hits.

6 thoughts on “Recipe

  1. Danny

    Congratulations! When I did Google search for “recipe + steak + steve + blog”, you were the 13th result found. Kim will never be able to compete now : )

  2. I just wanted to say that I found your blog through your wife’s blog. It wasn’t the recipes that drew me but that it was another mom of many homeschooling and also has a blog. As for your recipe it sounds very similar to my husband’s recipes. What is it about men and cooking that requires an open flame?

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