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Sunday Recap 12-7-08

Great day @ The Ridge today as we kicked off our Christmas series. Here are the highlights:

  • The band was kickin’ today! Scott England was with us to lead again and we had a couple of other new faces on the stage. Kerry opened with a great, rockin rendition of It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. They followed with a fantastic version of Emmanuel that led into the message. Major props to Jason and the rest of the team! Outstanding! 🙂
  • We started off our It’s All About The PRESENCE series with The Person Of The Presence…God with us. It was a very encouraging message of hope and peace. Lots of positive vibe and feedback. I’m glad God spoke to and encouraged folks. Can’t wait for the rest of this series.
  • Props to Chris, Ross, and Michelle and the Creative/Tech teams who did a great job of set design and lighting. Really set the tone. Looked awesome! Amazing what you can do with cardboard, paint and duct tape! 🙂
  • Attendance was strong again. Back up to 400.
  • Giving has been amazing the last 10 weeks. We have actually made budget the last 10 Sundays. The most consistent since we started The Ridge! Praise God! You Ridgers have been faithfully knocking it out of the park! God is setting us up for something big! I’m proud of you all and am excited to see how God is blessing your families. Check out some encouraging stories of those who took the 90-Day Tithe Challenge back at the first of October HERE.
  • Santa Claus was actually @ The Ridge today. No kidding! A first time guest was the man himself…in the flesh! Kids were gathering and peeking and pointing all morning. Pretty fun! He told me this time of year when he goes to a restaurant, he never gets to eat a hot meal. 🙂
  • My two oldest daughters got to go to a youth conference together up in Chattanooga. They had a great time and actually ran into some old friends from our days living in Chatt-town. These were kids they played with 10-12 years ago, but hadn’t seen in a long time. They had fun hanging with them and catching up. My wife had to leave right after our first gathering to go up there to pick them up. I was single dad after church with the younger six, which was a challenge because we had Partnership class after our gatherings today. A challenge, but we managed.
  • Partnership 101 is the first part of our membership process and today we had 14 new folks attend this first class. It was great! Looking forward to seeing how these folks grow and develop and serve God @ The Ridge!
  • My wife and I took our youngest 5 to Dollar Tree this evening to shop for their Nanny and PawPaw for Christmas. Their grandparents always look forward to the special gifts the kids pick out themselves. It’s a lot of fun watching them go around with their own baskets picking out stuff that they think is important and perfect. Good times!
  • Falcons lost today. Bummer!
  • BCS bowls came out this evening. I hate that system! It is just as screwed up as usual.
  • Busy week ahead and I’m toasted right now. Going to bed.

Two “Get-Aways”

Earlier this week, our team took an overnight “getaway” to work on the teaching calendar for 2009. I am excited about what we talked and prayed through for next year. We have tentatively planned out the calendar all the way through next NOVEMBER. Wow! It was hard to believe we were talking about what next Christmas was going to hold when we haven’t officially started this one yet!  (We didn’t decide on Christmas 09 yet by the way.) We also had a chance to talked creatively through the first 4 series of the year. In addition, we looked at some major calendar items for 09. Even though it was a quick getaway, overall it was a very productive, focused time.

Tonight is a second getaway. My wife and I are taking our two oldest to a youth conference in Chattanooga. We are dropping them off and then we are going to be able to have a night away to ourselves in Chatt-town. It’s just overnight, but my wife deserves a getaway after having to hold down the fort last month while I was in Africa. One night away doesn’t totally make up for all the stuff she had to deal with while I was gone, but its a start anyway. 🙂 While in Chattanooga, we plan to visit my old college roommate who is in the hospital there after a severe accident at his work the day before Thanksgiving.  He has lost portions of both his legs after having them caught in some machinery. Please pray for Chuck and his wife Susan and their 4 kids. They have a long road ahead, but are facing it with the Lord’s strength and amazingly good spirits.

Can’t wait until Sunday as we kick off our Christmas Series! Ridgers, make sure you invite someone to The Ridge this Sunday and all month. It is a great time to get people to come with you to church, because they are thinking about spiritual things over a longer period of time than any other point in the year. Don’t miss the opportunity to impact someone’s life with The Presence this Christmas!


What’s Christmas All About?

Charlie Brown famously asked that question in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (my favorite, by the way). Even we Christians THINK we know what its all about, but do we really? Join us this Sunday @ The Ridge as we kick off our Christmas series. In the midst of a crazy world, much economic turmoil, uncertain times, war and rumors of war we need to realize…



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