Courageous…a must see!

The creators of Fireproof and Facing The Giants have another fantastic movie coming our September 30th called Courageous. I believe that this movie has the potential to be a catalyst for revival in our country. Really! I believe that! God is going to use this movie in some powerful ways. We @ The Ridge feel strongly about family and fatherhood and this movie is right at the heart of our DNA as a church.

While the movie is releasing on Friday, September 30th, The Church @ The Ridge is going to go together to the October 2nd, 7PM showing at Movies 278 in Hiram. We have already sold and purchased about 65 tickets. There are a limited number still available fo rthat showing, according to the theater management. If you want to join us as a church family for this movie, go by there and buy your tickets or buy them online HERE. If you want to buy them through the church and get a possible discount, you can do so Sunday. However, the shows for that weekend are selling out fast, so to be safe you might want to go ahead and purchase yours.

People have asked if small children can see it. It is rated PG13 for police violence, some gang and drug content. It is not a kid’s movie. I will be taking my 10 year old and up, but not my 7 and 4 year olds. So you can make that judgement.

I would also encourage ALL RIDGERS to use this as an opportunity to reach out to someone who is not attending church. Invite them to join you for a night out at the movies. I would challenge you to actually BUY the tickets and GIVE them to your neighbors, co-workers, family members. If  it could change their family and their eternal destination, would it be worth the $16-18 investment? I think it would!

Check out the trailer for Courageous and get your tickets and some tickets for a friend, then join us!


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