Crazy week!

This week has really been busy. I haven’t blogged a recap of last Sunday because it has been super busy.

A view of the lake from Camp Cherokee

We have much to do as we are preparing for our Youth Camp next week. It’s gonna be awesome as The Church @ The Ridge joins forces with BridgePoint Church from St. Petersburg, FL along with Palm Harbor Church (St. Pete) and Southshore Community Church (Sarasota). We are expecitng around 120 middle and high school students as well as 50 adults for an awesome camp experience at Camp Cherokee in Ocoee, TN. We are leaving this Sunday after our worship gathering. Expecting God to do some great things!

So with all of that I have to get two sermons ready…this Sunday and next Sunday… along with writing some materials for our camp. Lots of writing to do and all before Friday of this week! Lovin it though!

Also had a meeting this week about some potentially huge things that may be coming later this year. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do. Pray for wisdom and direcdtion for us, would you? God seems to be putting some pieces of a bigger puzzle together. Seeking Him for wisdom.

In addition, I have had an anniversary…24 years married to an amazing woman! What a blessed man I am! WAY more than I could

June 6, 1987

ever deserve. I love that woman more now than I ever did…and I loved her a LOT 24 years ago! 🙂

We have yet to celebrate our anniversary because we were celebrating our 13 year old’s birthday on that same day, June 6th. Needless to say, we haven’t celebrated our anniversary much on that day for the last 13 years. But what’s a date anyway, we’ll get around to it sometime…soon I hope.  This birthday officially marks the end to the “Birthday Season” at our house. In an 11 week span we have 7 birthdays between March and the first week of June. (there are 3 other birthdays in the family spread out) That doesn’t include the anniversary and Mother’s Day, and this year a graduation, thrown in for good measure. It is always kinda crazy during these days. The most intense part of it is the 5 birthdays in 6 weeks between April 24 and June 6. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. 🙂 SO…this week marks the end to the “Birthday Season” and the beginning of a busy summer.

It’s a busy, crazy time…but a good time. I am really excited about what God is doing here @ The Ridge. He is working in people’s lives and impacting our community. I am praying that this next week will be a life changing week for all those students and adults participating. I would ask that you join me in that prayer.

Don’t miss out on the other upcoming summer events @ The Ridge. Check out our website for all the info on Impact Sports Camp, Family Fusion Road Trip, Community Makeover, Fireworks Outreach and more!


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