Before This Sunday…

This Sunday @ The Ridge, we are continuing our Old School series as we discover the Gospel in the Old Testament. This is an exciting series and I am so looking forward to digging in together and learning how the Old Testament and the New Testament are woven together as one story.

When you think of something as “old school” a lot of times we think of something that is out of date, irrelevant, not the newest, most current thing.  When we think of the Old Testament, what do we think of? Out of date, old, irrelevant, the old stories, the background text for the New Testament? Sadly that’s the approach many take to the Old Testament in the church. At best we simply “moralize” the Old Testament seeing it’s value in only giving moral context to the New  Testament…or we simply see it as a series of stories that set up the real word of God that we are to live by today…the New Testament. After all isn’t it all about the gospel anyway? Isn’t the church all about the New Testament? Aren’t we under grace now, so all the law of the Old Testament is irrelevant?

 You see, the Old Testament is not “some other book”…it isn’t the Hebrew/Jewish scriptures and the New Testament is the Christian scriptures. The God of the Old Testament is not different from the God of the New Testament. The biggest problem we have with the Old Testament in the church today, is the ignorance and neglect of the it.

 I recently heard Albert Mohler (president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) say this, “The OT is not the background text. It isn’t the story we have to know before we get to OUR story. It’s all ONE story!”

 That’s what we hope to do in this series. Look at how the OT is part of the bigger story. The Gospel is woven all through the OT. Everything points us to the Gospel…to Jesus.

This week we are looking at the Gospel in the book of Ruth. I would encourage you to…before this Sunday…take the time to read the book of Ruth. It isn’t very long and it is a very engaging story. Then we can all cometogether Sunday as we go “old school”. See you then!


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