Family Fusion ’11

Family Fusion is what we call our Family Ministry Events @ The Ridge. We started 5 years ago with our Family Fusion Family Camp. This

Family Camp '08

is still the “hinge pin” event for our Family Ministry. This has been a phenomenal event for families and I LOVE going to camp. My family looks forward to this every summer. It is like a children’s camp, youth camp, and adult retreat all wrapped into one. God has used FF to impact many families in powerful ways.

However, last year, we made a switch to the Family Fusion Conference Edition, where we held FF at the school we meet in each evening. The main reason for this had to do with the school system schedule change that put the start of school right on top of our scheduled week of camp. The economic climate also made it too difficult to go ahead with the camp, because so many people had to drop out. Yet God was faithful and we were able to put together the Conference and it went extremely well. We tried to incorporate all of the elements of Camp that we could into a conference format. It turned out to be excellent and many families were positively impacted.

THIS YEAR we are looking at doing something NEW…The Family Fusion Road Trip!!

On July 10-13 we will be heading to Petersburg, KY (just across the river from Cincinatti) to the The Creation Museum. This is going to be an excellent family trip that will be educational, as well as will provide great times of family bonding and community with other families. We plan to charter a bus so your family can sit back and enjoy the ride. If you prefer, you can drive it yourself. We have secured a very good deal with a hotel that will include b’fast and dinner each day, as well as provide kitchens in each room so you can save money on other meals and snacks by doing them yourself.

 If museums sound boring and stuffy, I think you’ll find that this trip is going to be something your family will enjoy. The Creation Museum is unlike anything else out there. I believe this will be a perspective-changer for all who participate. Seeing that science and the Bible really walk hand-in-hand will be a great experience for your family. Check out these pictures and a video by one of the scientists at the Creation Museum’s Planetarium.

You can sign up online at our church’s website or download the information/registration form  HERE, which includes details of cost and schedule. If you have questions, contact our Family Pastor Wendell Brewton at . I am excited about The Family Fusion Road Trip for summer 2011! It’s gonna be a blast! I hope you’ll join us.



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