A late weekend recap…

sorry for the late weekend recap. But here are a few highlights form Mother’s Day @ The Ridge:

  • Started off with some fun for moms with the first ever Ridge Iron Mom Competition. Fittingly, since her husband is an Ironman triathlete, Harmony Hicks took home the title! Thanks to all the moms who participated.Yall were good sports!
  • Crowd was slow in trickling in Sunday…but turned out to be a good group. I suppose many had breakfast with/for mom to take care of. 🙂
  • All our moms had flowers given to them by their children after the gathering. Really neat to watch so many kids running dow the halls and coming out of classrooms to give flowers to their moms!
  • Really love our volunteers! Those Ridgers who volunteer regularly to make sure everything happens each week, are invaluable to the church and to God’s Kingdom work. We gave “Ridgie Awards” to a couple who has been with The Ridge since our core group days. They have done a lot of serving in a lot of areas. Thanks to Jeff & Kim Mullins for your service to the Lord! Y’all are awesome!
  • Spoke on The Greatest Calling from 2 Timothy 1:1-7
  • Judges 2:10 gives us a sobering look at what can (and I believe has) happened to the church and our country.  How has this happened? What can we do about it? I believe that we, the family and the church are under attack, without a doubt…and have been for so long that we don’t even realize it. It has been a subtle onslaught of the same question Satan asked of Eve. The first words we hear from God’s enemy in the Bible. “Did God actually say…?” Our children are hearing it daily in school, in the media, with their friends, even at church and from parents. Because we as parents have been listening to this same question for a generation, we are calloused and immune to it. The enemy has so invaded God’s institutions and undermined His authority and the authorities that God established, that we are simply passing along the lies of the Deceiver without even realizing it.
  • We are writing a letter to the next generation…in our lives and the lives of our children…the question is who is this letter from? What questions is it asking? What statements is it making?
  • What is the greatest calling? shaping the next generation.  There is no greater calling! Everything else pales in comparison.
  •  Who’s calling is it?  It is the mother AND father. Our madate as parents is in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 which gives us Two things that are to be passed on to the next generation: 1. a personal knowledge of God  2. a whole-hearted love of Him.
  • 2 Corinthians 3:2-3 speaks of a letter written on our hearts from Christ for others to read. This may be the only gospel some read in the world. As parents, we are called to prepare our children to be a letter from Christ to the next generation. What is the letter that the next generation will read from you as parents? Who is writing it? Who are we allowing to write it?
  • it is critical that we…Establish Our Children’s Lives upon Truths and Absolutes of God’s Word. As our culture has completely turned from God, following the philosophies that teach that truth is relative, it is vital that Christians teach their children upon absolute truth.     
  • Here’s The Thing…Mom AND Dad…remember your calling…and remember there is no greater calling than shaping the next generation. You can give them all the material things they need and want. You can take them to church every week. you can even send them to a great school, but if you are not teaching them the Word and living by the Word yourself at home…and instilling in them and entrusting to them the commands of God and a relationship with Christ, then you may yet have another generation that knows about the Lord, but doesn’t know the Lord. Remember your calling, mom….AND dad…it’s the greatest calling you could ever have…and there is NONE more important.

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