Weekend Recap 5-1-11

What a great day @ The Ridge this past Sunday! Here are a few highlights:

  • The band did an exceptional job Sunday! Props to Jerry and the whole Creative Arts team.
  • Spoke on obedience and baptism from Acts 8:26-40
  •  Obedience is doing what I’m told to do, when I’m told to do it, with a right heart attitude. Here’s the problem we have with being obedient to God, Jesus, God’s Word. Just as we talked about last Sunday, if God is just a concept, not a reality, in our lives, then obedience is optional. Since God is just a concept and obedience is optional…or only if convenient…then Jesus becomes simply our spare tire.  We get Him out in an emergency…when the wheels fall off or we get a flat and are stuck.
  • Jesus wants and deserves our surrender and obedience. He doesn’t want to just be our spare tire.
  • Radical Obedience is obeying with reckless abandon, letting go of everything and following Christ without looking back
  • Question:  Are we willing to run to obeyChrist? Look back at Philip in vv. 26-30. What did he do when he heard God call him? Immediate obedience. What did he do when he saw the Eunuch? He RAN. Do we RUN to obey Christ?
  • We try to complicate Jesus’ simplest commands. Because of they are complicated, then we don’t have to do anything about them. We struggle with the simple commands because we have no choice but to deal with them.
  • At the end of our gathering we offerd a chance for people to respond in obedience through baptism, if they had never done so biblically.
  • WSe offered the opportunity for people to respond IMMEDIATELY and spontaneously and SIX people responded by being baptized Sunday!! That was awesome! It was cool to see on mother and daughter and one father and daughter baptized together. In addition two other individuals responded also. That NEVER gerts old!!
  • After our gathering two teams went to two different communities on our region affected by the tornadoes last week. I was proud of our folks for responding so generously! We took water, juice, and all kinds of household stuff that was requested and delivered to Cullman, AL and Ringgold, GA. Thanks to Craig Parsons and Warehouse Of Hope for giving us a lot of water, etc. to take along with what our people donated. All totaled we took six
    tonando damage leading into Cullman, AL

    truckloads and a trailer full of stuff to these communities.


  • Major props to those who volunteered: the Pruet, Leggs & Atkins families, along with Mike Pinkerton, Debby Ferst, Katherine
    unloading water for tonado relief

    Morgan, Aaron Whipple, Shelli Delita, and I think a couple  of others went too!  Thanks to all of those who stayed after and helped load up the trucks too. The people there were very appreciative of our efforts. Our opporunities to minister there are not done. We’ll be prayerfully looking at how we can minister more in the future to these communities. It is gonna take months to clean up and rebuild.

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