Good Friday…

Tonight we had an amazing worship experience @ The Ridge! Probably one of the most unique gatherings we have ever done. Good Firday’s focus is totally on the cross…nothing else. That is what we did. The band was actually set up among the congregation, facing the stage that was empty except for a cross.

We worshiped all together focusing not on a speaker, a band, or anything except the cross and the Word. We read through the scriptures from Jesus Triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the Last Passover Supper with his disciples, then we shared communion and continued the story through song and scripture until the death of Jesus on the cross and His burial. Prayer, song, scripture all focusing on the cross and Jesus. It was a powerful worship experience!

We concluded with this video (due to a technical snafu, the last few seconds of the video didn’t make it on the screen, so check it out). However, that didn’t detract from the powerful focus of the night. We ended with Jesus in the tomb. But I am so glad that the story doesn’t end with Good Friday! Because Sunday’s Comin!! We’ll see YOU Sunday!

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