What if the church…

What if the church was unified this Easter? What if the Church moved, spoke, praised, worshiped, and ministered in harmony? Maybe it’s idealistic, but what would it look like? This has been on facebook, but check out this video from 2nd Baptist Church in Houston with over 2000 of its members taking over a park in downtown Houston. Praising God unashamedly…and “dancing their shoes off”. I think this has relevance for us this Easter. Will you be unashamed in inviting people to Easter @ The Ridge (or wherever you attend church)? It is time for the church to “rise up” and be seen, be counted, in unity praising God and reaching out to the world! Jesus diead for ALL the world. He conqured death and the grave and sin so that ALL the world might be saved. What are people seeing when they look at your church? Be sure to watch to the end…

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