Weekend Recap 4-10-11

Well, we finally finished our hike…our hike through the Sermon On The Mount in our Take A Hike series. We spent 6 weeks on the Beatitudes in our GameChanger series back in October/November then took a break for the Christmas season. In January we picked up with the remainder of the Sermon On The Mount, in which we have spent the last 14 weeks, with Take A Hike. I can’t believe it’s over, actually. I have really enjoyed it!

This past Sunday was the tail end of Spring Break, so I was actually once again expecting a pretty slim crowd, bu I have been pleasantly surprised these two weeks! God is bringing lots of new folks to The Ridge each week. Great to see so many new faces! That’s exciting! If you are one of those new faces, I pray that you will make an effort to get connected here by getting in a small group. All of our small groups are beginning new studies the next couple of weeks as they come back from spring break. You can find more info about our Quest Groups HERE.  If you have questions about it, email me at stevew@churchattheridge.com

If you missed any of the Take A Hike series, we will have box sets of the entire series available and individual message cd’s available as well, this Sunday in our Resource Center. Podcast is also available HERE.

It was exciting to see GOd move in the hearts of people this Sunday. Wow! I could sense the Holy Spirit moving in a powerful way. The band did a fantastic job of leading worship and “setting the table” so to speak. It sure makes it easier for me when they do such a great job each week!

Here are a few of the bullet points from this week as we looked at Matthew 7:13-29

 Two Ways:

  • The Narrow gate is not only narrow, it is low and it is found at the base of the cross. Hebrews 4:15
  • There is only ONE way, only ONE path to life.  
  • How narrow is this way? Look up these verses: John 3:36; 1Timothy 2:5; 1 John 5:12; John 14:1-6; Acts 4:11-12
  • When Jesus says to “beware” of false prophets, He means that we are to continually beware.
  •  How will we know the difference? You’ll be able to determine whether they are true or not by what they produce…by the fruit of his life.
  • Why will so few find it? Because they are seeking to enter into God’s kingdom on their own terms.  

Two Foundations Jesus talks about at the end are simply…

  • Obedience
  • Disobedience

 The results of the storms of life will show the truth of the foundation.

 How do you know that you are truly His? The Bible never points to the past as evidence of salvation, it always bases proof of your salvation on your life now.

 Here’s The Thing… The only path you want is the narrow path because of where it leads; the only way to be sure of that is to know what foundation you’re building on.

 Some other stuff from this weekend:

Major props to the Johnsons, Mullins, Pruets, Bullocks, McIntyres, Davisons, Brewtons and even my little Whiplets for helping out with our “Spring Cleaning” projects Saturday! Some MUCH needed work was done at our storage unit and the office. Made a HUGE difference! You guys rock!

Our youth and parents went to see the movie SoulSurfer Sunday night. If you haven’t seen it, you need to do so! Check out Bethany Hamilton’s story HERE and the movie trailer HERE. I haven’t seen it yet, but I intend to. I told my wife to go with our three teenagers and I stayed home with the younger Whiplets. We all had good times though!

Can’t wait to celebrate with all you Ridgers what God has done in and through us at our 5th Anniversary this Sunday! Don’t miss it!

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