Sunday Recap 4-3-11

Yesterday I was totally surprised by our attendance on the first Sunday of Spring Break week. Traditionally, this week is always very low. While there were lots of people out, there was also a pretty good crowd. We were also blessed to see several new faces! It was…as always… a good day!

  • The band did a great job. Loved the songs chosen to express our worship yesterday! Props to Jerry and the entire Creative Arts team!
  • We had a unique opportunity to pray for a couple of people in out church body during our prayer time. I hadn’t realized that one of our own who has been in training with the US Navy would be there yesterday. Ryan Fallon just graduated from the first of three training schools and is home on leave for a little while. He showed up looking sharp in uniform. We gathered around him and prayed for God’s protection and wisdom as he continues his training. Thankful for the many men and women who are serving our country!
  • We also had a chance to pray for a sweet young family in the church who is adopting a child from Uganda. Jeremiah and Sara will be bringing home, very soon, their new adopted son! Jeremiah leaves Tuesday of this week for Uganda and may be there as long as a month to complete the process. We prayed for him for safety and for Sara while he’s gone…especially as she has a 10 week old and a 2 year old to care for! Love this family and their heart fo the Lord and their willingness to be ob edient to whatever God calls them to do.
  • We are almost to the end of our Take A Hike Series through the Sermon On The Mount. Yesterday we were in Matthew 7:1-12 as we looked at Jesus’ teaching on judging others.
  • Here are a few of the bullet  points…
  • One of the big questions about this passage is: Are we to never judge at all?
  • Jesus doesn’t rule out HUMILITY or CORRECTING, but does rule out PRIDE in thinking myself BETTER than my brother.
  • We want PATIENCE with our own IMPERFECTIONS but aren’t willing to give it to others.
  • The problem with being judgmental is that we don’t even KNOW we have a PROBLEM! Take a hard look at Romans 2:1-13 to see what I mean.
  • We SHOULD help a brother/sister in Christ who has   STRAYED to come back to the PATH of righteousness (see James 5:19-20
  • The answer to the question of judging is in your HEART.
  • Am I there to CONDEMN or RESTORE? It’s one thing to point out a brother’s error, it’s another thing to CONDEMN their HEART
  • A heart attitude of HUMILITY is the key to how we approach God and treat others.
  • Finally…the thing we have to keep ion mind is Jesus’ purpose and example seen in  John 8:10-11 and John 3:17

Next week we’ll be finishing up this incredible journey through the Sermon On The Mount. I am very excited about it. It has been a “hike” for sure…spanning 20 weeks, believe it our not! However, it has been awesome to dig into Jesus’ words as He laid out specifically what His followers will be like…and what their heart will be like first and foremost. Can’t wait to reach the “summit” of our hike next week! If you want to read ahead, check out Matthew 7:13-29. You DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!! Be here!

I FORGOT SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT SUNDAY!!! I was supposed to announce this at the end of the worship gathering and forgot! If you are an Ridger and are in town next Saturday, April 9th, we need your help! We have been announcing for several weeks that we are doing a “Spring Cleaning” day @ The Ridge! With Spring Break we are able to keep all of our setup at the school, this allows us to have empty trailers for this week…which is unusual. SO…we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to clean out some of the trailers AND clean out our storage unit AND do a little cleaning a sprucing up at our offices. We need everyone’s help who is available. We’ll meet at Austin Middle school at 9:00 AM Saturday and give assignments to everyone on where they can go to help. If you have a truck and can bring it, please do so. If you only have your willing hands, that’s awesome! Come on! If you have some painting supplies, being them as we will be doing some painting at the offices. We’ll be done no later than 12 noon, so it wont take your whole day. Even if you can only come for an hour or two, that’s cool! Come for what you can. Thanks in advance for helping us to get some much needed work done! Let us know that you can come, by emailing .

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