Weekend Recap 3-27-11

Great day @ The Ridge last Sunday! We had a great worship gathering followed by a fantastic FamJam. Here’s the highlights…

  • We saw 2 young people baptized!! That is always exciting and never gets old! One teenager from our DiscipleNow Weekend last month and one young girl, actually the daughter of our Family Pastor Wendell Brewton. He had the privilege of baptizing her. That is always cool to see!
  • Still seeing lots of new faces each week! Love seeing new folks coming to The Ridge. God is moving in our community!
  • We started giving out tickets to The HUNT which is coming up Saturday, April 16th. It is gonna be an Easter Egg Hunt, crafts, games, food for families @ The Ridge. We ask that you take two sets of tickets…one for each of your family members AND one for those families that you intend to invite. This is gonna be a great connecting event for our church butr also a great chance to invite someone. We never want to lose sight of those around us who need to hear the Hope of the gospel. There will be no other advertising for this event other than YOU Ridgers making personal invitations. SO lets invite folks! This can be a fantastic first step for people to come to Jesus! Get your tickets this week. They are free but limited.
  • FamJam is a high-energy worship environment for kids and their parents. It is something that we do about 3 or 4 times a year. Last Sunday, we had a pizza lunch after our worship gathering then we came back in to the cafetorium for FamJam! It was a fun time for our families. Wendell and the FamJam team did a fantastic job as always. Major props to him and all his volunteers. W learned the “Big Idea” of HUMILITY. Good stuff. My kids are already putting what they learned into practice.
  • We continued our series  called Take A Hike as we are walking through the greatest sermon ever preached: Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount.
  • We looked at Matthew 6:19-34 and what Jesus said about where our treasure should be as well as what we should be seeking really.
  •  Here’s what Jesus is NOT saying in this passage: He is not saying don’t store up treasure for yourself. He actually commands it!  Jesus commands us to storeup treasure! He’s all for it!  WOW, that’s a relief! Jesus has a treasure mentality…with the right perspective. He says whether or not our treasures last, is dependent upon where they are.
  • We gave out copies of Randy Alcorn’s book The Treasure Principle to each family in attendance. This is one of the best perspectives I’ve ever read on Jesus teaching on treasure in Heaven. In this book Randy spells out the Treasure Principle which Jesus is speaks about: “You can’t take it with you… but you can send it on ahead.”
  • The first key to understanding this principle is found in Psalm 24:1
    The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;
  • That includes ME…He even owns ME.
  • God has ENTRUSTED His assets to me…not GIVEN.  If I am a good money manager, then I am to manage the owner’s assets for HIS benefit, not mine.
  •  I need to apologize for something I said in the message Sunday. I was speaking about how when we store up treasure on earth, the reason we have trouble grasping what Jesus was saying is simple physics.  The greater the mass the, the greater the hold that mass exerts.  The more things WE own, including our selves, the greater their total mass.  Thus the greater the hold they have on us…they grip us and set us in orbit around THEM.  Finally like a black hole, which has incredible mass, we get sucked in.  Well when I said that, I made a joke about how some people have accumulated a lot of mass in their physical body and might want to think about that. It was an off the cuff comment and was meant to be a joke, but apparently some were offended by it. Please know that I was in no way intending to belittle those who are overweight. That was not what I was saying at all. It was a joke…maybe a poor attempt at one. For that I apologize and as forgiveness of anyone who was offended.
  •  What makes it so difficult for us to actually live and give with the treasure mentality that Jesus is talking about is a simple but HUGE obstacle. The biggest obstacle that makes it so difficult for us to give is the illusion that this earth is our home.
  • We must understand that we weren’t made for here. Our home is a place we’ve never been, but one that is being made just for us. 
  • Therefore, Jesus said…why are you anxious?  If I have a Kingdom perspective on God’s treasure…a steward’s mentality…serving and seeking to please only one Master, then why am I anxious? What did He say in Mt. 6:33?

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

  • Here’s The Thing from Sunday’s message…What are you seeking really? God’s Kingdom or yours?

I know that some people don’t like to hear about money in sermons at church. Honestly, I don’t know of many preachers who like to talk about it. However, Jesus talked about money more than He did about Heaven and Hell combined. Maybe that’s why He focused so much on the heart when it came to treasure.  I hope that we’ll listen to His words and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us and continue to make us into His likeness.

If any of you Ridgers are gonna be out for Spring Break next Sunday, be safe. If not, plan to BE HERE as we start to wrap up this awesome series on the Sermon On The Mount. Only two more weeks left. If you want to read ahead, read Matthew 7.

Next week: “Plankeye“. Then the following week: “Warning: Narrow Road Ahead” Don’t miss it!

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