Before Next Sunday…


Don’t forget to SPRING FORWARD ONE HOUR Saturday night before going to bed! Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend.


Join me Sunday at 10am before our Worship Gathering for a special “Backstage Tour” @ The Ridge! If you are not currently volunteering on a Ministry Team on Sundays, I would personally like to take you on a backstage, behind-the-scenes tour of what goes on @ The Ridge each week. There is a place for EVERYONE to use their gifts, talents, skills, personality in serving the Lord and others as we seek to “Impact Another Generation By Changing Perspectives.”

Join me and you will see that you can join God is what He is doing and  serve Him and others in your sweet spot. It is such a huge blessing to be used by God to accomplish His purposes! You can be a part of something eternal every Sunday @ The Ridge! That’s exciting! Why not just come check it out and pray about what God would have you do?

There are areas of need in our RidgeKidz environments…did you know that last Sunday there was one class with 23 kids in it?! …and another with 31?! That’s awesome because God is bringing families to The Ridge…but it also means we need to step up and help with these kids.

What if you don’t like working with kids? That’s cool, because there are a ton of other areas where your service is needed. From  our Guest services team…which includes the parking lot, greeters, cafe, hospitality…to our Operations Team which sets up all of our environments…to our Creative Arts Team which includes a variety of ways to serve, not just music!

All of these are ways that people just like YOU make an impact in people’s lives. Think you don’t have much to offer? I guarantee you that isn’t true!

Join me THIS SUNDAY, MARCH 13 AT 10:00 AM for an exclusive Backstage Tour. We’ll meet at Connection Point in the Atrium. It will only take about 15 minutes and then you’ll be ready to go to the Worship Gathering.

Lookin forward to seeing you Sunday!

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