Ridgie Awards! …and Before Next Sunday

Last Sunday was Oscar night. I don’t really care about award shows like the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, etc. I rarely watch any of them. All the self-adulation is kinda too much for me sometimes. But its the world in which we live.

I always had a philosophy in ministry that says “I don’t need to toot my own horn. If my horn needs tooting, God will toot it.” Because, it isn’t about me…its about Him. That is so easy to say, but tough to DO and LIVE. Because the flesh NEEDS to be noticed; and we have to fight against that.

By the way…THAT is our “Before Next Sunday” thought to look at. We are looking at just that in Matthew 6:1-4 as we continue in our Take A Hike series studying the Sermon On The Mount. Read ahead and come ready to dig in.

ALSO “Before Next Sunday” remember to be praying for our middle & high school students this weekend. Friday night begins our DiscipleNow Weekend! This is an awesome experience for all our students. We will have over 32 students of our own joining with students from two other churches in our community for a weekend of Bible study, worship, and service in the community. The theme is “Dirty Jobs: having a faith that’s willing to get dirty.” Pray for Wendell and the Student Ministry volunteers as well as our speaker Ritchie  Johnson from Transform Student Ministries along with a great group of small group leaders that will be treaching all the students in the home groups.

Back to the awards thing…Last Sunday, we gave out our first ever “Ridgie Awards”. These are recognitions for outstanding, humble, servant hearted, volunteer leadership @ The Ridge. I was so honored to recognize these people who give SO much to God’s Kingdom work. We gave each of them a t-shirt that says “I Got A Ridgie” with Galatians 6:9 on the back:

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

The thing I love about all these people, is that they have no desire to be recognized. They just serve God with a humble spirit so that others can hear the Gospel and so that the church may be built up. Love their heart! Here are the Ridgie recipients from last week:

Operations Team:

  • David Lottinger…who sets up our signs and flags at the entrance to the school every Friday and takes them down every Sunday. He’s a humble guy who diligently serves. This guy has literally touched thousands of lives week after week with his volunteer service and leadership.
  • Jeff Shropshire…aka Robo-Man! This guy is the most amazing worker. He is the first one at the school each SUnday and usually the last to leave. Does a fantastic job with our set up team. I can’t keep up with him, so I just stay out of his way! Epitomizes “going the second mile”!

RidgeKidz Team:

  • Beth McIntyre…serves in our RKjr hall and is the main “story-teller”. Beth is the one who teaches the kids the Bible each week. She is SO sweet and does a phenomenal job. What most people don’t know is that Beth was our preschool coordinator from day one @ The Ridge and did an amazing job of getting our RidgeKidz Jr ministry off the ground. We wouldn’t be where we are without Beth!
  • Ross & Molly Weaver…These guys pull double, triple, quadruple duty! They serve in RidgeKidz, teach our youth on Wednesday nights, and serve in our FamJam ministry. Ross also serves faithfully on our Operations Team. Diligent, faithful, dedicated servants! Ross has also created many stage props, backgrounds, etc. with his awesome artistic ability.

Creative Arts Team:

  • Jason Johnson…Jason has been in our band from the beginning. His talent is excellent and his heart for worship and ministry is evident. Jason also was our interim Band Coordinator during the year-long transition between Creative Arts Pastors Doug Garvin and Jerry Davison. He has done MUCH to hold things together…on many levels. Love this guy’s commitment and his desire to use his gifts for God’s glory.
  • John Marino…ROOKIE OF THE YEAR! John came in a little less than a year ago and started setting up sound, lights and tech stuff. He was just willing to serve where needed. He has run sound and played multiple instruments in the band…all very well! John is simply willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and to make the ministry happen. Great attitude! John and his wife Joy also are hosting a small group of Financial Peace University this semester.

Those are the first recipients of the Ridgie! There will be more…because God has blessed us with some incredible servant leaders @ The Ridge! We always need more too. Want to know more about volunteering and using your talents and gifts to “Impact Another Generation”? Click HERE and let us know by emailing info@churchattheridge.com OR by checking that you would like to “Make An Impact” on a Ministry Team on the back of your Communication Card this Sunday.

I will be leading a special “Backstage Tour” on Sunday March 13th at 10:00am. Meet at Connection Point in the center of the Atrium that day to see all the ways God can use you to serve in His Church and make an eternal impact in our community. You can sign up for that HERE

Finally…below is the video of some of these Ridgie recipients. Check it out…

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