Before next Sunday…

If you are a Ridger, there are a couple of things you need to do before Sunday…

  • First if you have yet to sign up to join us at The Table, you need to do so HERE. This is gonna be a great time of connecitng together as a family. Don’t miss it! Lunch together, new friends, old friends, sharing with one another, connecting as the Body of Christ, renewed vision. Gonna be fun!
  • Second, INVITE SOMEONE! YOU are the best marketing tool the church has. Your story, your life is a testimony of God’s grace…let that light shine and invite a neignbor, friend, family member. Even invite that person that you haven’t seen at church in a while. ALL of these are likely to come if someone reaches out to them. Tell them you love ’em and want them to join you for church. I bet they are just waiting for someone like you to ask. God is moving and we’ve seen lots of new faces lately. Keep inviting an trusting God to do His work in your life and the lives of others! Hey…its a great day to invite people…tell ’em we have a free lunch for them too! People will do lots of stuff for free food!
  • Third, READ AHEAD. As we are going through The Sermon On The Mount in our Take A Hike series, you can read ahead and see what God might want to say to you. This week we are looking at what Jesus says in Matthew 5:38-48. Ask God to reveal something fresh about Himself, His purposes and His ways.  Come Sunday prepared for God to speak to you and guess what…He will!

I can’t wait to see you Sunday!


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