Sunday Recap 2-20-11

Today was a fantastic day @ The Ridge! God is moving in our community…I am certain of it. I can’t wait to see what God is about to do.

We have been seeing a ton of new faces and even some that have returned months after their first visit with us. That is exciting! Ridgers keep inviting…YOU are our pest marketing tool.

Music was awesome as usual. Great job by the best Creative Arts team around!

Our VIP Worship for our RidgeKidz workers has been going very well. 100% attendance today! It is awesome to see these people serving the families of our church and ivesting in their kids. Great vibe in our VIP Worship time! Thanks to Jerry & the creative arts guys for doint the extra worship time and to the other volunteers like Teresa who serves breakfast to these volunteers.  Love our volunteers! God is using all of you to impact another generation!

We are in a series where we are walking through the Sermon On The Mount. This week we spent our second week talking about shat Jesus taught on divorce and remarriage. We looked at Matthew 5:31-32 and Matthew 19:3-9.

Jesus is teaching us that marriage was intended from the beginning to be lifelong. There are only two scriptural grounds for divorce: adultery (Matthew 5 & Matthew 19) and abandonment (1 Corinthians 7). Besides death, these are also the only scriptural reasons for remarriage.  I realize there are many opinions and interp-retations on this, but we decided the only thing we could do was teach what Jesus taught and what Paul affirmed int he context of the whole of Scripture. THat’s why we looked all the way back to Genesis 2:23-24 as Jesus did in Matthew. The full message will be available on our podcast this week.

Next week we continue this Take A Hike series on the Sermon On The Mount by looking at Matthew 5: 38-42 . Read ahead and join us next week. Also, Ridgers, plan to stick around for The Table next Sunday…check out the details HERE…and make plans to be @ The Ridge next week!


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