Sunday Recap 2-6-11

Sunday was a great day once again! Here are the highlights:

  • The day started off with us having all of our Ops Team (the guys who do the setup/breakdown) together for breakfast. While not everyone was there, those who did enjoyed some biscuits and a time to hang out and pray together. We always need men, teeangers, women to help out with this team. If you want to make a difference every week…then this is a great way to get plugged in on a ministry team.  Let me know by email at stevew@churchattheridge.com or simply join us Sunday morning at 7:45am at Austin MS and we’ll get you plugged into this awesome team.
  • I told these guys that they aren’t carrying stuff, hauling stuff, setting up stuff, but that they are sharing the Gospel, ministering to families, restoring marriages, setting people free, making a difference, helping people grow as disciples of Christ…all by doing what they do every week. Thanks! …You should really consider joining this team…just sayin!
  • There were lots of adjustments and challenges for our Creative Arts Team this Sunday, but they pulled it together and did a good job as usual. Thanks to these guys and gals for their faithfulness!
  • In our Take A Hike series on the Sermon on the Mount, began a mini series-within-the-series: Taking A Hike In Your Marriage
  • This past Sunday we talked about Matthew 5:27-30
  • In this part of the SOTM, not only is Jesus not replacing the Law with a stricter, tougher, more difficult set of rules, His teaching is also a series of warnings.
  • Jesus is warning us to guard our hearts because it’s gonna lead us down a road we don’t want to go. James 1:13-20
  • Barclay says of this verse: “Some translators have said ‘it is as if he is already guilty of committing adultery with her.’ This would be wrong because Jesus does not say it as if he were guilty, but affirms that he is guilty already. Thus the sin of adultery is not [just] in the act but in the lust or desire to do so.[1]
  • How seriously should we take this? Jesus is saying we need to take DRASTIC  MEASURES 2 Corinthians 10:5
  • This is a huge issue in the church. Lust is not only rampant in our culture, but in the church as well.
  • drastic measures need to be taken Jesus is saying. Should we all go pluck out our eyes and cut off our hands…literally? Is that what Jesus is saying? No. But Jesus is wanting us to understand how serious adultery is and how quickly we can wind up there…because it will take you to hell. So He is saying that you have to take whatever steps are necessary to bring this  lust under control. Get rid of anything in your life that might cause you to commit adultery. Take every thought captive.
  • Why is this such a problem? One word: PASSION. We, as disciples of Christ do not have a passion for God, His Word, righteousness that overrides other passions in our lives. Therefore, those passions of the flesh rise to the top so to speak and take precedent. The passions of our flesh tend to get out of control because there is not another passion that controls them We need to have a passion for holiness, God’s word, righteousness, a passion to please God and be like Christ, to be perfect as out heavenly father is perfect.
  • We closed with these two passages from Proverbs. They speak for themselves. Read and think about it. Proverbs 4:20-27 and Proverbs 5:15, 18-23

Some big stuff coming up @ The Ridge. I’ll be sharing some in the coming days. Check back here often!

Next Sunday we continue with our second part of Taking A Hike In Your Marriage. Don’t miss it! Sunday’s gonna be a special day.

[1]Newman, Barclay Moon ; Stine, Philip C.: A Handbook on the Gospel of Matthew. New York : United Bible Societies, 1992 (UBS Helps for Translators; UBS Handbook Series), S. 138


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