Before next Sunday…

I thought it would be necessary to do an update from this past weekend, since I haven’t done one the last couple of weeks. 😦

Lat Sunday was a good day as we talked about Matthew 5:17-20 . We explored the question, “Is the lifestyle of the Sermon On The Mount impossible?” Yes & No. It is impossible for man to attain on his own but it is not impossible because the lifestyle of the SOTM is the lifestyle of Jesus. If He lives in us by the Holy Spirit, then it is possible for Him to change our heart and live His lifestyle outward from that. Jesus said that He didn’t come to take away, abolish, replace the Law, but that He was the fulfillment of everything in the Old Testament.

There is nothing wrong with the Law. There is something wrong with us. The Law simply reveals what’s wrong. Many years ago I heard Tony Evans use an illustration that has stuck with me. The Law, Dr. Evans says, is like an X-Ray machine. It reveals what’s wrong inside, but it cannot fix it. Jesus is the Great Physician that can fix what God’s Law reveals is wrong in our hearts. Christianity, at the end of the day, is about the heart. The pharisees had weakened the Law of God by making it all about the outward behavior, failing to focus on what matters…the heart. (see Ezekiel 11:19-21 and 36:26-27)

Last week, we had a bunch of problems/challenges. Our internet and phones were down all week at the church offices. Therefore all of

the new Lpad w/ optional stylus

 our team wound up having to work from home or other remote locations. My computer semi crashed on Thursday…with all my notes for last Sunday’s message in it! So I was totally starting over on Friday. I had to break out my L-Pad and stylus (see picture) and go old school for my sermon prep. Since most of my study resources and commentaries are on my computer too, I went back to several hardback copies of resources. It turned out to be a God thing though as He pulled it all together and gave His word to the church. The cool thing too, was the Creative Arts team and Jerry did a great job with the music…which God had ordained beforehand…because it all fit perfectly together. In the words of Hannibel Smith of the A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

BEFORE NEXT SUNDAY…as you Ridgers prepare to gather for worship with us, read Matthew 5:21-26. Make plans to be here…10:30 am at Austin Middle School. It’s gonna be a great day! Don’t let anything distract you and keep you from the most important day of your week: a day to gather with fellow believers and worship God! Take time also to invite someone to join you…and call someone who you haven’t seen at church in a while and tell them you miss them. do it…BEFORE NEXT SUNDAY!


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