Sunday Recap 12-19-10

Yesterday was a great day @ The Ridge as we basically wrapped up our Re:Gift series…although we will have a special “epilogue” of the series during our Christmas Eve @ The Ridge gathering this Friday at 5:30pm. Here’s the highlights:

  • we baptized a young college student who gave his life to Christ at the beginning of this series! What a great time to celebrate rebirth as we celebrate Christ’s birth! He had a great story of how God changed his heart. That doesn’t ever get old!
  • Saw several new faces and some old faces back! That doesn’t get old either! Ridgers, keep inviting your friends and neighbors!
  • Talked about Living The Life in our teaching. our focus was on John 1:1-14 and John 3:15-21.
  • Couple of key points:   Eternal life doesn’t just start when you die, it’s happening  now! It’s Christ’s life in us right now.
  • This life is the light of ALL mankind – John 1:4-5
  • You can’t live the life unless you live in the Light…you see it is impossible for you to have eternal life and live that life now, unless you are in the light…Jesus. The question Jesus poses is basically this: do you love the darkness more than the light? John 3:19
  • At the end of the day, it’s like this: we want the forever after, live in heaven kind of life where everything will be forgiven. We just aren’t so sure we want to live in the light now, because there are too many things about the darkness…the things this world offers us and calls it “life”…that we love. If we are choosing that, remember what the darkness represents: identifying with the prince of darkness…the prince of this world…rebellion against God.
  • So what kind of life do you want to live? the LIFE that is offered us in Christ? …the life that is only possible in Him? …the life that is the light of all mankind? …or not?

We also gave The Gift offering this past Sunday. If you didn’t have achance to give, then you can do so on Christmas Eve, or you can do so online HERE…or you may mail in your regular offering or The Gift to P.O. Box 1228, Hiram, GA 30141. As God provides, we will be doing several things with  The Gift, a percentage will go to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering for international missions, to The Warehouse of Hope here in our community who ministers to families in need right here, and a portion will go to upgrading some of our RidgeKidz ministry…which is one of our key ministries in terms of growth and accomplishing our mission of “impacting another generation”. Here is a humorous look at a different perspective on RidgeKidz as we highlighted some of our needs:

I hope that you will pray about what God would have you give over and above your regular giving to The Gift offering. You may give through the end of the year.

Finally, the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that we told you about was that beginning in January 2011, we will be going to ONE worship gathering at 10:30am on Sundays @ The Ridge! I am super excited aobut this and am looking forward to sharing more of the details here in the coming days. Tune back in for more on that. Ridgers, remember, if this plan/schedule is going to work, we need more not less volunteers. If you aren’t currently serving anywhere, please let us know where you would like to put your gifts and talents to work serving the Lord and the people of the church and those who need to hear the gospel! You can volunteer HERE or email .

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