Weekend Recap 12-12-10

Yesterday was a great day @ The Ridge! We continued with part 3 of Re:Gift. Here’s some highlights:

  • The band was great…just sayin my obligatory props to them! They are great every week!
  • by the time I got up to speak in the second service it started snowing. I was the only one who could see it out the back window of the cafeteria.
  • several new faces in both gatherings…that never gets old
  •  As we have been unpacking John 3:16, we focused on John 3:12-18 and looked at the word “believe” and what Jesus meant when He said “…whoever believes in Him shall have erernal life…”
  • The word for “believe” is the Greek word pisteuo which means “to be PERSUADED of…to place CONFIDENCE in”
  • If something is persuading me it is influencing or changing me. Is what you believe, persuading you and your life? If not, why not?
  • If you are truly believing in something or someone, it will have an influence in your life. If you say you believe in Christ/the Bible and it isn’t persuading you, do you really believe it?
  • If believe means persuaded….then, ask yourself this: “Is the Truth persuading me?…OR am I persuading my version of the truth?”
  • I did talk about believing in Santa Claus and read the famous 1897 letter from Virginia O’Hanlon to the NY Sun asking if Santa is real and editor Francis Church’sa response. It is interesting to read this letter from a spiritual perspective, replacing Santa with Jesus. I talked about how we believe in so many things so easily, yet we choose not to believe….be persuaded of or place confidence in…Jesus. (I saw some kids int he gatherings so I tried to be careful about the whole Santa thing…hope I didn’t make anyone mad 🙂 )
  • What would happen if everyone who claims to believe in God and Jesus Christ…REALLY believed…was REALLY persuaded of it…was REALLY placing all of their confidence in Him? Think about what it would do in your home…in your marriage…at your school or workplace…in our community…in the world!
  • Last night we had our 2nd annual Volunteer Appreciation Christmas Progressing Dinner. It was COLD out last night, but over 50 of our volunteers still showed up. We had a great time and ate too much! WE LOVE ALL OF YOU VOLUNTEERS! You all make a huge difference. Loved hosting y’all!
  • Gave those who attended some inside information about a BIG announcement that is coming next Sunday…if you weren’t there last night, then you’ll have to wait until Sunday. It is exciting though! Can’t wait to share it.
  • All in all it was a great day @ The Ridge. God was glorified, His word was taught, Jesus was lifted up, we were challenged and encouraged…and at least two people indicated they were believing in Jesus for the first time! That’s what its about!

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