Weekend Recap for 12-5-10

Here’s some highlights of this past week @ The Ridge:

  • Saw lots of new faces this week. That’s awesome! Don’t stop inviting folks. Christmas is one of the best times to get new people to come to church.
  • Band did their usual great job! So thankful for Jerry Davison and his team!
  • We have collected over 80 coats so far for The Warehouse Of Hope! That’s awesome! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to help someone in need by bringing a new or gently used coat next Sunday.
  • We continued our Christmas series, Re:Gift on John 3:16. This past week we unpacked what it looks like to “Give Like God Gives.”
  • As we looked at John 3:16 and elsewhere in scripture, we discover God gave HIMSELF John 1:14, God gave EXTRAVAGANTLY Ephesians 1:7-8 , God gave on PURPOSE John 3:17, God gave SACRIFICIALLY 1 John 2:2, and God gave because God LOVES 1 John 4:10
  • Here’s The So What… What if WE gave like God gives…and not just at Christmas?
  • The Re:Gift Challenge for this week is this: What’s in your hand? What do you have that you can give back to God…be a blessing to others…make a difference for His kingdom? Give it to Him and let Him use you!

Whatever it is He has given you, regift it. What are you holding onto? It may be money, but sometimes that’s the easy thing to do and ease our conscious a little. However, maybe He wants you to let go of and give to Him what you are holding in your hand that is really holding you back. You can’t fully receive the gift He offers you because your hands are full. What you are holding onto may be something else…guilt, bitterness, maybe it’s that secret sin, Maybe it’s not what you would consider a bad thing, but its your time and talents, your spiritual gifts, your own wisdom and ability to get where you want to be in life.  Therefore you can’t regift what God has given you because your hands are too full to fully receive it.

 I don’t know what you have to give, but give it to God…whether it is good or bad…and let Him use you. Regift the love, hope, peace, grace and mercy He’s given you by giving it away this Christmas. First give yourself, then because of the love you’ve been shown, give sacrificially and extravagantly…on purpose…HIS purpose this Christmas.

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