Weekend Recap 10-17-10

It was a great day @ The Ridge Sunday! God is moving in the hearts of His people, I am certain of that. Attendance returned to more normal levels. Many who had been sick were back. While we still had some regulars out, there were several new folks in attendance. It was good to see.

We continued our GameChanger series this week looking at the Beatitudes. Our focus was on Mt. 5:5, “Blessed are the meek…” We had a Holy Spirit moment as the band was playing Kristian Stanfill’s I Need You, Jesus . What an awesome song! The band did an awesome job with it too. I had planned to have a time of prayer before the message, but during that song, I was compelled to call the church to it’s knees. I grabbed Jerry backstage, ran to the tech guys and made a quick agenda change. We prayed as a church together on our knees and came back with that song again. It was a powerful moment. It was also a perfect lead to the message on “Blessed are the meek…” A Holy Spirit led moment.

We talked about meek not meaning what we think it means in our culture. If you look it up in a dictionary,  you might not get a clear picture. One dictionary defines meek as “Deficient in spirit and courage.” That’s not what the Greek word used here means. When we talk about the original meaning of meekness here, what we’re really talking about is gentleness…humility. At the end of the day, what Jesus means here is someone who does not assert themselves, someone who is not consumed with his or her own agenda. These are the ones, He said, who will inherit the earth.

Meekness is the submissive and trusting attitude toward God that accepts His sovereignty

Meekness is not weakness. Jesus was meek…gentle and humble…but He wasn’t weak. In Matthew 11:29 He said,Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

It means that I am not asserting my own rights, but I am living only for the glory of God. If I am meek, I am not consumed with my own agenda. Meekness means that I am accepting of God’s ways and His plans and works. I consider them as good because I know that they are going to grow me and enhance my relationship with Him.

Meekness, however, is not total passiveness. Rather…as John McArthur puts it… Meekness is power under control

What will the meek do? Inherit the earth. This comes from Psalm 37:1-11. Who will inherit the earth? The world’s idea? – assertive, strong, powerful, rich.  Jesus idea? – the meek…those who have power under control..those who do not seek their own agenda, but submit to the sovereignty and authority of God. Trusting in Him alone. This is why what He said was such a gamechanger then and IS for us now… 


Here’s The So-What:  Meek means that I am yielding my power and control to the purposes of God.

We announced that in two weeks, on October 31st, we will have just ONE service at 10:30am. The reason for this is that we are having our Fall Family Festival that night at the Pumpkin Patch at the Kroger shopping center. We need all of you Ridgers to participate by decorating your car for kids to come get candy and have fune. This is an event similar to what some call “trunk or treat”. You can have games at your car/booth or whatever you want. Just don’t do anything scary, please. No blood and gore and vampires, etc. Keep it fun. COme up with a theme and have a blast with it! Since we are doing that, we decided that one service all together that morning would be appropriate. We’ll will be having RidgeKidz that day too. It will be a great day to bring your friends! I believe that this can be one of the greatest opportunities to touch people in our community that we have ever had! We need all of you Ridgers to make it happen!

The Pumpkin Patch is going well. We are still needing more people to get involved in serving there. You are missing out on a blessing and a lot of fun by not helping. Get plugged in by going to the church website and clicking on the pumpkin logo for info on volunteering. The next two weeks will be crazy, so get your pumpkins and spread the word! Support missions in Burkina Faso! You’ll be saving lives and saving souls.


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