Weekend Recap 9-12-10

It is so hard to believe that we are halfway through September! September has always been a hit or miss kinda month for us as far as attendance, giving, etc. This year we aren’t sure how the month will go because, as always there is Labor Day weekend which hits us a little each year. However this year, because of the school calendar, there are potentially 2 more “exodus” weekends with the new Fall Break coming up. So…not too sure what to make of the rest of this month. We are continuing on in our “Awake!” series, which has been a great look at revival and awakening in our individual lives and in the church. Ridgers, if you can at all help it, don’t miss the next 2 weeks as we finish this series. God is speaking and working! Don’t miss what He is doing!

This past Sunday we talked about the third aspect of knowing for certain we are truly a Christ Follower: being re-formed. IF we are repentant, regenerate, and re-formed, then we can know that we are saved.

We looked at Ephesians 4:17-5:14 where Paul speaks of putting off the old self and putting on the new self. If we are going to really experience revival, we MUST put off the old. Yet it isn’t enough just to put off the old, we must replace it with something new.

We need to wake up…come alive…rise up from the dead and the grave clothes that have so easily entangled us. the problem in the church today is that too many of us are not being reformed. If we are not being reformed, we need to ask ourselves, are we truly regenerate…born again? Because the Bible tells us that if we are born again, we will be reformed…in the likeness of Christ. It is something that HE does, not us. Yet it is something that we must choose to allow Him to do by faith in Jesus Christ.

The thing about putting off something is that if it isn’t replaced by something else, it will be too easy to put the old back on. It’s like this pair of old raggedy gym shorts I had. I have had them for 19 years. I have played ball in them, worked out in them, etc. But most recently they have been for years, my sleeping shorts. They are really worn out, but I kept sleeping in them because they were comfortable…and I had had them for years. My wife hated them. I’m sure most of you guys (and some of you ladies) have something like that that you wear. Well, my wife finally bought me something else to wear. Until I replaced them with something else, I was just gonna keep putting them on. They were too comfortable and I had had them for too long. But, once I replaced them, I had to get rid of them…throw them away. If I don’t throw them away, it will be too easy for me to pick them up and put them on again. I need to take those things in my life that aren’t pleasing to God and not allow even a HINT of them back into my life.

What does that look like. How do I put off/put on? It is done through prayer…consistently praying…walking with Jesus daily…spending time in His word…and making deliberate choices NOT to walk in the darkness. Throw those raggedy garments away!

We participated in an exercise together. An exercise of prayer, repentance, brokeness. An exercise of putting off the old and putting on the new. Thanks to my friends at Life Action Ministries for permission to use thisPut_off_Put_on worksheet. I would encourage you to tak this sheet this week and download it and pray through it…more than once if necessary, as you put off the old and put on the new.

I think if you will do this, it will be difficult to agree with God about some of your sin, but it is so necessary and refreshing and cleansing. If revival is going to happen, it will have to begin in individual hearts. So, what do you need to put off and allow God to re-form you?


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