This Sunday @ The Ridge we begin a new series as we kick off our fall season. Yeah I know its a couple of weeks after school has started, but I really have trouble saying “fall” when it’s 95 degrees! Even though August 22 isn’t fall yetr either…it is a little closer. 🙂 All our RidgeKidz will be moving up this Sunday to their new age-groupings. Connection Nite will be next Sunday August 29 at 6PM as we get ready for our new semester of Groups @ The Ridge. Sign up for that this week.

We begin a new series this Sunday called “Awake”.

Are you asleep? Some of us might wish we were. But are you sleeping spiritually? What will it take for the Church to awaken? We are in desperate need in our nation and in the Church today for a fresh encounter with God…an awakening…a true revival of the church. What does that even mean? How does that happen? What does that look like today?

In this series, we will be exploring some core principles about our faith. We’ll be looking at what God wants to do in our hearts…awakening His Church to the need for revival and awakening a lost world to their need for Him. I believe with all my heart that this may be the most inportant series we have ever done @ The Ridge. I believe that God has something incredibly important for His Church. Whatever you do…DO NOT miss any of the next 5 weeks. Make a commitment now to be here, no matter what. I promise you will not regret it.

Whatever it takes, be here. It’s time to “Awake!”

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