A late weekend recap and a weekend preview

last weekend was the fourth time we as a church have cancelled our Sunday morning worship gatherings and spent the day doing ministry projects in the community. The last three of those occasions have been a part of Community Makeover with a cooperating network of churches called Engage Atlanta. We had a great weekend of ministry, reaching out to the community and simply meeting needs in Jesus name. Well over 100 Ridgers did about 10 projects in our immeiate community. We worked at 3 schools (several projects at each school, one community ballpark, one non-profit organization, one widow who was flood victim from last fall, one single mom. Here are a few pics from the project that I managed. My team did a fantastic job at the Ridge Road Community Ball Park. I was proud of all of them…including the kids who worked so hard!

I received this text later Sunday evening from the director of the RR Ballpark. She was thrilled with the work our team had done…

“I wish I had taken before and after pictures!! Please give your workers this msg for me– from the Board of Directors to the children that play at our park: thank you for making our park sooo incredibly beautiful!!!! In many ways we do God’s work at our park by providing a safe place for them to be children…no matter what is going on at home or in the world. Your sweat and work today will be appreciated long after the grass grows back and the paint starts to fade. Thank you!!!!!”

Why do we do these types of community ministry projects? Well its all about connecting dots. That’s right…this ties in to our series right now “Dot2Dot: connecting the dots 2 see the big picture”. This weekend we are continuing this series and we’ll answer the question of why. You are going to hear another real-life Dot2Dot story from The Ridge that will give you some perspective from God’s Word on why. Don’t miss it! This Sunday is going to be great. School is about to start, so people whould be getting back into full swing. It’s time to go back to church too, so why not start this Sunday @ The Ridge?

August is gonna have several special opportunities to connect @ The Ridge:

  • Sunday, August 8th is our VOLUNTEER SUMMIT @ THE RIDGE. If you are a volunteer in any area of ministry, we want to first say THANK YOU to you and your family with a special lunch following our 11am worship gathering. THEN we’ll have a chance to preview and prepare for the fall with some “insider information” that you’ll get to hear first…only at the summit. Sign up Sunday by checking on your communication card. We love our volunteers! Nothing that gets done here could be done without you!
  • Sunday August 29th is CONNECTION NITE. You will have the chance to join a Small Group @ The Ridge. We are starting some new groups and there is a place for YOU to connect…from middle and high schoolers to adults of all ages and stages in life. Multiple days of the week as well. We’ll meet at Austin MS at 6pm for food and some fun times and connecting with others. Mark your calendars now for Connection Nite!

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