Lead The Way

When I was in high school, we had quite a large youth choir at our church. Back in the day, youth choirs were the majority of most youth groups. If you were in the youth group, then you were in the choir. We had over 100 kids in that choir and we had a blast. We sang twice every Sunday (8:30am service and the traditional Sunday evening service). We rehearsed every Sunday afternoon too…and no one complained. It was just part of what we did. It was the center of our social group at the church. Every summer our youth choirs would go on mission trips. Now these weren’t the choir tours that some remember where you showed up at a church, sang a concert, got a supper provided, then a free place to stay. No. We did mission work in areas of the country where there were few churches. We did evangelistic concerts in parks and in prisons and schools, did Bible clubs in city parks and more. We saw churches established as a result of our efforts in those summers (we didn’t know we were part of church planting back in those days 🙂 ). Those were really times that I always looked forward to and which God used to shape me for ministry.

There was one song that our choir sang year after year in those days. It sort of became a theme song of our youth choir. The song was Ken Medema’s “Lead The Way.”  The tune and lyrics have never left me. As I have reflected on what God has done in my life…especially in recent years…and what I sense He is doing even now with His church, I am drawn back to these lyrics. They are almost like a psalm to me. David said in Psalm 143:10,

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

I want that to be my prayer. David repeatedly throughout the Psalms says “lead me”. We don’t want to be led usually, but I know that I need to be led. I need Jesus to take my hand and lead me on level ground, no matter what my mistakes have been, no matter what my fears are on what lies ahead. Every single day I need to simply trust Him, surrender my will to His and say, “Lord, I’m Yours. I’ll follow. Lead the way.” As you read these lyrics, think about where you are and where God wants to take you. What steps of obedience…big or small…is He asking you to take? What areas is He asking you to surrender and trust Him with? As a church leader, who is leading you?

Lead the Way   Ken Medema

 There’s no way, in this world,
That I can be everything
That love means for me to be
But as long as morning breaks another day
Lord I’m yours, I’ll follow, lead the way.

There’s no way in this world,
That I can do everything
That loves means for me to do
But as long as morning breaks another day
Lord I’m yours, I’ll follow, lead the way.

It’s no good to keep on cryin’ over past mistakes
And it’s no good to keep on worry’n about unlucky breaks
And it’s no good to keep on tryin’ to fix a yesterday
Today is here, it’s time to live, it’s time to grow
I dare not throw it away

 There’s no way in this world
I can relive all the times
That I took and did not give
But as long as morning breaks another day
Lord I’m yours, I’ll follow,
Lead the way.

One thought on “Lead The Way

  1. awderrick

    Even to read those lyrics brings tears to my eyes – so many fond memories – such truth in the song. Came to mind for me recently as well. Thanks, brother –

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