Sunday Recap 7-11-10

Yesterday we began a new series @ The Ridge called “Dot2Dot”. This is all about how God connects dots in our lives and through our lives to form His Big Picture. The fun of Dot to Dot pics is to see what it is as you finish it. Too many times in life we spend all of our time trying to figure out the big picture before the dots get connected. In a dot to dot picture, you have to simply focus on the next dot. What will happen if we don’t? We may never get started because we want to know the big picture before we begin. That’s what faith in Christ is. It is simply realizing that each dot is placed in a specific spot to form the big picture God intends. We won’t really ever recognize the whole thing this side of eternity.

Pixel: Short for Picture Element, a pixel is a single point in a graphic image. Graphics monitors display pictures by dividing the display screen into thousands (or millions) of pixels, arranged in rows and columns. The pixels are so close together that they appear connected. On color monitors, each pixel is actually composed of three dots — a red, a blue, and a green one. Ideally, the three dots should all converge at the same point, but all monitors have some convergence error that can make color pixels appear fuzzy.

When a color dot is out of place, it makes the pixel and in turn the picture fuzzy. May not be noticeable to the untrained eye, but enough of them out of place makes the big picture unclear. If we as dots in the picture God has for the world, are out of alignment with His purposes, then the picture of Christ (through the church) for the world will be unclear…

  • when we are out of alignment in our service…not serving when and where He has graciously gifted us to serve, then the picture of His grace and kingdom for others gets fuzzy.
  • When we are out of alignment in our giving, partnering with the Lord and His church to accomplish eternal Kingdom work, the picture of Him as provider and faithful, sovereign God gets fuzzy.
  • When we are out of alignment with our obedience then the picture of a God who loves us and knows what’s best for us gets fuzzy
  • When we are out of alignment with our daily walk, then the picture of Jesus transforming our life and making us new, preparing us as His bride gets fuzzy.

 We are dots, but what we tend to want is to be the one that connects these dots. We want the glory, we want the recognition. Too many times our desires are not pure at all. We are looking for the BIG things to get involved in. We are waiting for the thunder and lightning to show us the next BIG thing God is doing, when He is speaking to us in a gentle whisper about what He wants to do in and through us today.

You and I may not be the lines that connect the dots, we may just be dots.

 But each dot is important and God will connect them…with all of eternity watching…all of the seemingly insignificant, disjointed circumstances and people in our lives… to reveal a big picture! A glorious picture…an eternal picture! We are simply responsible for being obedient and sharing His love with those around us and walking daily with Jesus as God transforms us into the likeness of His Son.

We shared an incredible “Dot2Dot” story of God using small dots to connect to form an incredible picture of life change in and through one family. Check it out below. Then go to the “Dot2Dot” website HERE and share YOUR dot-2-dot story. What has God done in and through you and others to connect dots to form a big picture in your life? Share it and encourage others and glorify God! He’s still connecting dots for His Kingdom!

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