Sunday Recap – Mother’s Day

I have been such a slackerwhen it comes to blogging the last couple of weeks. I have been intensely busy, but more on that later…

Yesterday was a great Mother’s Day @ The Ridge. Good attendance and great spirit. Here are some highlights:

  • Played a little Mom’s “Minute To Win It” game to start off and gave away a gift to the participants. In the first gathering, the moms themselves played, in the second, we made the husbands play for their wives. It was fun!
  • Our band and Creative Arts team are great. They overcame some big obstacles technically, which seems to be the montra each week lately, to pull the service together. Appreciate these guys and gals commitment to serving the Lord with excellence!
  • Cute video of our own RidgeKidz kicking off Mother’s Day. Loved it!
  • Jerry and the band did a special mothers tribute song that he wrote. It was great.
  • We talked about 1 John 2:12-17. John addresses the Fathers, young men, and children of the church family, but we drew a parallel between that and our individual families too.
  • THere are only two institutions espablished by God in the Bible: the family and the church. We forget that the family was first and that the church family is made up of individual families.
  • John basically says to the church here, “Now that you know this…this is how you should live…and live confidently, because you are children of God.”
  • He was reassuring them of their standing with God. From God’s perspective there are only two families: children of God and children of satan. There is no middle ground.
  • He goes on in v. 28 and says that the children of God are to  “continue in Him…” How do we do that?

To continue in Him means in relation to one person to another to be and remain united with him, one with him in heart, mind, and will.  So, in relation to us as the family of God (church) and our individual families…

We continue in Him…

  • by investing and instilling in the next generation…your family & other families
  • passing on a legacy and a heritage of faith…knowing the Word & applying it
  • knowing Christ and making Him known in our families, the church and the world
  • knowing that we have overcome the evil one through Christ
  • living like we know it!

So, mom and dad…teenager and single…Here’s The Thing:

Now that you know, what will you pass on to the next generation?

I am really excited about what I am hearing about our Quest Groups and the current study they are doing.  We are studying about knowing and doing God’s will. I can tellyou this: there is no accident that we are studying this together as a church right now. God is preparing our hearts for something big! Keep watching and praying for what God is doing…then let’s join Him!! Keep your fork Ridgers! Something sweet is coming.


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