Weekend Recap 4-18-10

Today we celebrated our 4th Anniversary @ The Ridge. Wow what a journey it has been! Someone told me early on that church planting is the highest of highs and lowest of lows. In the last 4 years, I have definitely found that to be true. This weekend was one of those HIGH moments for sure!

Saturday started off with our Free Family Carnival held at the Kroger Shopping Center; followed by a full concert by our band Saturday evening at Kroger. Saturday was a full day, but a fantastic day! God brought many, many, new faces to us through these events. Hundreds of people came to the carnival and over 200 people attended the concert last night. (By the way, we are incredibly blessed with a phenomenal group of musicians @ The Ridge.)

So, yesterday was an awesome day! What a great outreach opportunity God gave us!

As great as yesterday was, today was just as good. We had our worship gathering in a big tent in the Kroger shopping plaza too. It was so awesome to see so many people who were new today! There were several folks who came Sunday whose first exposure to The Ridge was Saturday’s events. That’s exactly why we do these things!

Today’s worship gathering was awesome. God spoke and three people put their faith in Christ! That does not get old! Afterwards we had lunch together. So grateful to Mitch Kramer from Longhorn’s in Douglasville for helping provide and cook all the awesom food Saturday and Sunday! Next time you are in Douglasville Longhorn, thank Mitch for his help. We defintely wore him out!

Major props to Wendell and Jerry and ALL of the incredible volunteers @ The Ridge! You all did a fantastic job and made an impact on hundreds of people in the community! God is working and using you all to make a difference.

Here are some pics of this weekend:


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