Recap From Sunday 4-11-10 (really late!)

Sorry for the late recap of this past weekend. Time has been really chewed up this week. The stuff on the back burner is started to burn. 🙂

Anyway, Sunday @ The Ridge was great! We had new seat cushions (courtesy of some outside support donations!). Most people walked right by them, but when they were pointed out, everyone wanted one! I had expected attendance to be down really bad since it was the last day of Spring Break…and it was down, but not terribly bad. Actually had several first timers and some second timers from Easter return.

Really good to hear people responding positively to what God is saying to them in the teaching time. I had several people say how God spoke to them. That’s always encouraging and never gets old!

Had a special prayer time for Jane, who fell and broke her neck last week, and her husband Lenny (who was at church). Please continue to pray for her.

At the end of our Worship Gathering, I did something that I’ve never done before. I asked for a second offering to help cover some unexpected, unplanned expenses for our Spring Festival/Anniversary weekend this week. This is when we are having a carnival and concert on Saturday afternoon and evening and one worship gathering on Sunday morning ALL in the Kroger shopping center on Ridge Road. Its gonna be a great outreach opportunity! Anyway, we had some stuff that was supposed to be donated, but at the last minute we found out that it was not going to be able to be donated after all. Some staging and chairs and a few other items. When your budget plan is for $0 it is always tough to figure out where the money is going to come from.

We prayed about it as a staff and I prayed hard about asking for extra because I know most of our folks don’t have a whole lot. But God… SO, I told everyone that I needed 25 people who could give $100 extra over and above, so that we could make this awesome outreach event happen. I gave the first $100 myself then I prayed and we passed the buckets. Well, we received about 3/4 of what we needed and the next day several people came by the office and gave online to make up the difference! It was exciting to see God provide through His people. I just made the need known and truysted God to speak to those He wanted to give. Praise God! This event is going to be the biggest thing we’ll do all year!  I love our people because they really do get it when it comes to reaching this community!

If you are in the area, join us at the Ridge Road Kroger, this Saturday, April 17th at 3pm for the FREE Carnival, 4:30pm for the Cornhole Tournament, 7pm for the FREE Concert or Sunday the 18th at 10:30am for our worship gathering under the big tent followed by lunch. It’s gonna be a great time as we celebrate 4 years of ministry @ The Ridge by “bringing church TO the community!”

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