Easter Sunday Recap 4-4-10

Wow! What a day @ The Ridge! It was great to see several visitors who came because someone invited them or because of our mailer. Lots of new faces. Some old familiar faces too. Several folks we haven’t seen in a while. Good to see them back! Great attendance, even considering that it is Spring Break. We saw 4 people indicate salvation decisions, 2 who have questions about God and want to talk, and no less than 14 renewed commitments to Christ today. Praise God for a great day!

Great energy and spirit today! The band was on their A-game, no doubt. Major props to our team. They did an incredible cover of Hole-Hearted by Xtreme. Probably the only place you would’ve heard that song today was @ The Ridge! Fit perfectly with our message today too!

Major props to all of our volunteers today! Excellent job! You guys rock! Our operations team knocked everything out really early. It was great. Our Guest services teams (Hosts, Hospitality, Parking) were really on top of things too; as were our awesome RidgeKidz workers who handled the extra volume well. Love our Ridger Volunteers! You all make a difference in many people’s lives every week!

Hope to see MANY new faces return next week. Love this time of year…everything is new, even opportunities to get connected at church! Don’t miss out! Don’t let Easter be the only time you are connecting with the church. Stay involved.

Can’t wait til next week!

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