Sunday Recap 3-28-10: What are you hungry for?

Great time of worship @ The Ridge yesterday!

Last night, we had our first FamJam of the year. It was excellent. Wendell and our Family Ministry Team always do a great job. Good crowd showed up as well. FamJam is a high-octane family worship experience unlike anything you’ve seen. it is always a lot of fun! Great time and major props to our volunteers and staff for pulling such a major production off.

We celebrated yesterday morning in three ways: First with a Family Dedication for our Family Pastor Wendell & Emily Brewton and their little girl Addison. It was a sweet time. We also got to celebrate with baptism. Three middle schoolers who put their faith in Christ at our DiscipleNow weekend a few weeks ago. Love seeing dads baptizing their kids!

We then celebrated The Lord’s Supper as we looked forward to Easter. As Paul spoke of in 1 Corinthians 11:27-28 we took some time to examine ourselves by asking the question, “What are you hungry for when you don’t know what you’re hungry for?” We talked about having a hunger for God.

When we are hungry, we look to fill that void with something, The problem Spiritually, is that we don’t always realize the hunger. We find ourselves with an emptiness and we try to fill it with other things…the junk food of life.

Do you find yourself “snacking” spiritually through the day or week on “junk food” or simply on little bites here and there, activities, busyness, bits and pieces of God…even ministry can steal away form us a hunger for God personally? When we don’t take time to “feast” with God, our hunger for Him and His word is quenched by other things, but we aren’t filled nor are we healthy. Then we think we can catch up on Sundays. It rarely works.

When we are hungry we will grab at whatever is available or close by (vending machine, fast food) to quench that hunger even if we know it isn’t good for us.  Spiritually we don’t often recognize that hunger. It could be an empty feeling, loneliness, depressed, a sense of longing, a restlessness, frustration. We will quickly try to fill that void with “junk food” to mask the emptiness: entertainment, recognition, success, intimacy, friendships, hobbies, sports, sleep, shopping, whatever…we’ll even turn to literal food, comfort food. Yet nothing satisfies that void long term. Nothing satisfies because it isn’t what we are really hungry for.

The danger of that is we will dull & quench our sense of hunger for God. None of those things are inherently bad in and of themselves and in the proper place. But just like you don’t want your kids to snack thru the day and pass up a good meal, God says the same to us spiritually, don’t fill your plate with things to the point that we don’t even realize that our own desire for His presence is gone.

So what are you hungry for?

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty. – John 6:35


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