Weekend Recap 3-14-10…a little late :)

Okay, so I’m a couple of days late with my weekend recap. Forgive me!

This past weekend, I was in St. Petersburg, FL with my brother, Tim and his family. My family had a chance to take a couple of days off and make a long weekend of it. we drove down Wednesday and came back late Sunday. It was a bit of a “working” vacation as I had the privilege to speak Sunday morning at Bridgepoint Church where my brother is the Lead Pastor. They are a church that is alomst the same age as The Church @ The Ridge and they meet in a school like we do. We have run a parallel track in many ways over the last 4 years. It was a privilege and humbling to have the chance to share God’s Word with the good folks there.

This past weekend was also my wife’s birthday. I had hoped to give her some sunny, warm weather for her birthday weekend, but alas, we brought the rain with us from ATL. 😦 The last two days were at lest sunny, although quite windy and cool by Florida’s standards. Yet, even so, my wife got a few hours in th sun and my kids actually did go swimming, although it was ice cold. They actually went swimming, then came inside with blue lips and drank hot chocolate!

Jerry spoke this past Sunday and did a great job. Thanks to him for filling in. The band did an awesome reprise of The Outsiders. Thanks to Charlie Morgan for playing banjo. I hate that I missed that!

Many people decided to sleep in or they just plain forgot to set their clocks forward! Hope to see all of you folks back this next Sunday! Attendance and giving always take a hit on time change day.

When is spring going to actually get here?! I love winter, but I am definitely ready for spring this year.

March Madness is getting underway! If you want to join The Ridge’s NCAA Tourney Challenge go HERE then look for the group “Madness @ The Ridge”. The password is CATR. Fill in up to 10 brackets and join the fun! Brackets must be filled in by noon March 18th.

Looking forward to next Sunday @ The Ridge. We are concluding our Outsiders series with something you likely have never seen before. Don’t miss it!


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