Ten things I’m praying for in 2010…

Today I shared 10 things that I am praying for in 2010. I ask you Ridgers (and anyone else) to join me in this prayer in 2010. May God reveal Himself to us. May we be faithful and obedient as individuals, families and His church.

  1. Revival …a renewal and awakening of the Church in our community and in this nation
  2. Spiritual Awakening in So. Paulding County that might spread…a Movement of God that cannot be explained
  3. Workers for the Harvest
  4. Provision to accomplish His vision & purposes…resources, finances, people, leaders
  5. Land…that God would give us land for The Ridge to build on
  6. Additional Staff Member…Connections Pastor
  7. wisdom & discernment…to see & know where God is working and the faith to join Him
  8. God’s will to be done in me, my family, His Church, this community
  9. 120+ baptisms this year
  10. ??? …whatever unexpected thing God wants to do

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