28 Years ago Part 2…

a few weeks ago I posted THIS STORY about the first time I met (at least up close) the girl whom I would later marry.

Well, here is part two of “28 Years Ago…” because it was 28 years ago today (exactly today because it was a Saturday then too) that Kim and I had our first date.

I was a freshman in college and she a senior in high school. After our first encounter a few weeks earlier.  Kim wanted to go to all of the dances at her high school her senior year and some guy that she was supposed to go with, decided to drop her for his former girlfriend. (God was obviously working things like He wanted!) Kim, having known me a little from church and from our previous encounter, felt like I would be, in her words, “a fun date with no commitment.” Little did she know what God had in mind!

28 years and 8 kids later, she is God’s perfect compliment and helpmate in my life. I am more in love with her than ever and am still “smitten” every time I see her! It would be another 5 years and 4 months before we would be married, but that night God continued His orchestration of an amazing relationship, for which I am eternally grateful to Him!

I love you, Kim! Happy Valentines Day!

BTW – for those of you who are teenagers or college students or single, just know that God has someone for you. You can trust Him to bring that person into your life in His timing. Don’t compromise your standards because of impatience. Don’t take matters into your own hands and go “hunting” for that person. You will be tempted to give pieces of your heart away over and over. Don’t! I can point to SO many people I knew back in those days who married and are now divorced because they didn’t seek God’s wisdom and wait for His best. If He is God, He can bring that person into your life. What you do in this area of your life says a lot about what you really believe about God.

I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.  (Song Of Solomon 8:4)

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