Weather Policy @ The Ridge

As a pre-emptive statement based on the weather forecast. As they are talking today, there is a chance of snow on Friday in our area. That’s actually a sure sign that it won’t happen, but just in case…

Our policy @ The Ridge is to NOT cancel our worship gatherings. If things are particularly bad, we may choose to do only ONE gathering…which we have done in the past…but we don’t CANCEL our worship gatherings. Any changes in schedule would be posted here, on the church website, on facebook, and through e-mail. If you don’t see a cancelation on TV, then we are meeting. If it were a football, basketball game, etc. we’d likely find a way to get there, so why should the church be any different? If you don’t think it’s safe to get out or if you literally can’t get out, then that’s fine. Stay home and worship with your family. If weather is bad and you do try to come, just be careful. Any changes in schedule for volunteers will be made known with the same methods stated above.

SO…to keep it simple, we don’t cancel worship gatherings @ The Ridge because of weather. Now, with that said, there are always times when extreme circumstances happen. If we get buried under 3-4 feet of snow like the mid-Atlantic region right now, we’ll make that call when/if it happens. If an extreme ice storm makes it impossible to do anything, we’ll make that call when/if it happens. But 90% of the time, we can get here and we will. Patchy ice or a dusting to a couple of inches of snow which is what usually happens if anything here, will not cancel worship gatherings @ The Ridge.

*If we deem it necessary we MAY deviate from this policy based on the current circumstances, so just stay tuned.

You can disagree with this policy. That’s fine. Just don’t complain about it or fuss about it. The enemy can take something as simple as this and cause disunity in the Body. Don’t let him! As I said several weeks ago (and as my friend Mike says) I don’t want to one day stand in Heaven alongside Christians who were martyred in Communist or Muslim countries because they dared to gather together as the Church, and tell them that we didn’t meet because it was cold or a little snowy. Just sayin’.

See ALL of you this Sunday @ The Ridge!!


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