Sunday Recap 2-7-10

Great day today, as we kicked off “The Outsiders” series. Loved the chance to talk about who we are as the Church. We talked about what Jesus said about the church. He only used the word twice. One of those was in Matthew 16:18. He said that HE was building it…that HE would be the foundation and the cornerstone…and that the gates of Hell would not prevail against it.

The church is also described int he New Testament as

When we…the Church…understand who we are (and Whose we are) then we can better begin to understand “How we should ride.” We’ll be talking about that next week as The Outsiders continues. Don’t miss it!

Yesterday, the Ridge Band did a phenomenal job! I keep saying they are the best kept secret in our community. Jerry and the team did a fantastic job yesterday. The covered NeedToBreathe’s song The Outsiders fantasticly (is that a word? It is now!). Jason even showed more of his talent by playing guitar and harmonica at the same time. Awesome job!

I am excited about this series as we look at who we are and how we should ride as His Church @ The Ridge. Don’t miss a single weekend!

Some exciting things are ont he horizon! I can’t wait to share what God is doing.

Join me in praying faithfully for REVIVAL to shake our community. For God to show His presence ina fresh way that we cannot explain!

On another less spiritual note. I was a little disappointed that the Colts lost the Super Bowl last night. However, it was good to see that the Saints are the “Aints” no more. Good game. Enjoyed some of the commercials, but my favorite was this one:


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