This Sunday @ The Ridge

This Sunday, ALL regular schedules will be ON! Roads look pretty good. It may still be a little icy in patchy locations, so be careful. BUT by all means…BE @ The Ridge this Sunday! We are going forward full schedule. ALL volunteers…we need you there. Operations, we really need you guys this week. The volunteers at The Ridge are so awesome! You guys make a difference each week. Let’s get 2010 started full swing!

We are kicking off a new series this Sunday: “SQUEEZED: what to do when your bailout doesn’t come“. You DON’T want to miss this very relevant and practical series. ALSO, we have some exciting things coming up that we’ll be telling you about. Even though it’s gonna be a little cold in the morning, don’t worry! There will be hot coffee, hot chocolate, warm handshakes, warm smiles, warm friendships! If it’s too cold to come at 9:30 for you, then just wait til it warms up a little and come at 11AM!  It’s gonna be a great day @ The Ridge! Be here!

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