Sunday Recap 1-3-10

The first Sunday of 2010 was cold, but good. Here are some highlights:

  • I was off this Sunday…originally planning to be out of town. However, we changed plans because my oldest had to return to college yesterday afternoon. SO…I took the family to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Something we never do. Then, came back and went with the kids to the 11AM gathering @ The Ridge, while my wife stayed home and helped college girl get packed for school.
  • Jerry preached on Acts 2 and talked about “recalibrating” in the new year according to what the early church was described as doing in Acts 2:42:
    They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Great job, Jerry!
  • Set up and break down crews were pretty sparse. We really need a few of you Ridgers to step in and help out on the Operations Team. These guys and gals do an incredible job each week.  ANyone can be on this team from middle schoolers to adults of all ages. Let us know if you can help out by e-mailing operations@churchattheridge.com
  • YES, it was cold in the cafetorium Sunday. We knew that, but we have no control over the temperature. We are at the mercy of the school system’s computerized HVAC system. We have no ability to adjust it, but we have informed them of the temperature. At least if you had children in RidgeKidz, you can take comfort in knowing that they were warm in the classrooms. 🙂
  • We are experimenting with some different set-ups this month. Things may look different from time to time, so bear with us as we try out some new ideas. We hope to improve our effectiveness and community each Sunday.
  • I enjoyed coming and just sitting through a service. I need to do that periodically. Last Sunday, I was able to visit Long Hollow Baptist Church where my friend David Landrith is pastor. It was good to hang out with him and his family and some other friends in the Nashville area.
  • After a couple of Sundays off, I am really excited to get back to teaching next Sunday! We are kicking off a very practical and timely series called Squeezed: what to do when your bailout doesn’t come.
  • During this seriesthere are going to be some VERY practical tools and handles made available to you that will help you put some biblical principles into practice immediately. We are going to make some financial counselors available to you, offer a special coupon class for the ladies (or the guys if you want! 🙂 ) on Sunday evening, Jan 17th, and we will also be making Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University classes available for anyone beginning in February.
  • THEN, I am really pumped too, about our next series called Outsiders, beginning in February, in which we will be looking at what vision God has for us as a church in 2010 and beyond. In that series, I will lay out a series map for this year that I am really excited about. You’ll have to be here to find out more!
  • CONNECTION DAYS will be the next two Sundays. This will be YOUR chance to get into a QUEST-Group @ The Ridge. These are our small discipleship/community/Bible study groups that meet weekly. If you’ve never been in a group or if it’s been a while, then you need to get connected. In addition to our regular groups, there will be three special short-term groups you can get plugged into: Financial Peace University, Starting Point, and Marriage Enrichment group. If you are in a QUEST-Group already, but want to be in one of these special groups for a short time, then return to your Q-Group, that will be fine! Or if you’ve never been in a group, these short-term groups are perfect to get your feet wet. Just get plugged in! You have the next two Sundays to do so!
  • In the next week, I’ll be blogging about the 10 Things in 2010 I’m Praying For @ The Ridge. Watch for it!



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