I love a good Birthday take over.

Oh! The power of the password, Preacher daddy should be glad I am nice. I could be mean and take over his blog posting all kinds of things, but I am a nice wife, well most of the time.  Actually, I cannot think of anything negative to post about p daddy especially today. He is a great husband and father and I have been blessed to have spent the last twenty-two years married to him.

I asked the children to tell me their favorite thing about their dad and here are the results…

He plays games with us… the eleven year old

He wrestles with me…the  eight year old

He reads us stories …the nine year old.

He puts me to bed…the two year old. 🙂

He makes me laugh… the thirteen year old.

He tickles me…the five year old.

I get his jokes when no one else does…the sixteen year old.

He’s the best dad in the world, and way cooler than all my friends’ dads…the eighteen year old

He lives out this scripture…. the…I’m not telling how old. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Steve Whipple.  We love you!

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