Sunday Recap 11-8-09

GREAT day @ The Ridge today! I was so pumped! I think God is really using this series. I am praying for the marriages in our church and community. Here’s the highlights:

  • Honored our veterans with a special video tribute. Thanks to Gunnery Sgt. Lyndon Smith USMC (ret.) for leading a special prayer of blessing on our veterans and their families.
  • The band and Creative Arts team did their usual great job. Love these guy’s hearts. An awesome bunch of people!  Jerry had to fill in for Kendal who was home sick. Praying for her to get well soon.
  • Saw lots of new faces today and several people we haven’t seen in a while. That was awesome.
  • At least four people indicated that they were putting their faith in Jesus for the first time! That never gets old! Praise God!
  • Attendance was strong today. That’s exciting to see God continuing to bring the people that HE wants here.  I pray that we will continue to be faithful to reach out to those people in this community who are far from God and need a new perspective on the church, God, themselves and others.
  • We were in part 2 of our Love Handles series. Today was about Realistic Expectations.
  • Some of the points we talked about from Genesis 2:18-25 and 1 Peter 3:1-8 were:

One of the biggest lies and most deceitful traps we can fall into as Christians is the idea of our spouse being a “soul mate”

Eve was not the completion of Adam, she was the completion of God’s creation

Your spouse was designed to compliment you, not complete you.

If we are looking for anything other than God to complete us or fulfill us, we are in danger of practicing idolatry.

If we would stop focusing on the imperfections of our spouse and start working on our own, I believe that most marriages would change overnight.

Put your hope in God, not in outward beauty and not in man.

Here’s the Handle for today:

If we are expecting our spouse to complete us, we’ll always be disappointed.

The homework challenge this week is to see which spouse can out serve the other. I pray that we will have a ne perspective ont eh expectations we have and should have in our marriages. Can’t wait for next week: Part 3 Intientional Intimacy.

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