This year to celebrate the anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenburg Church or All Hallows Eve (the day before All Saints Day, Nov. 1)…also known in our culture as Halloween…we @ The Ridge decided to do something a little different. The next two Sundays @ The Ridge, we’ll be handing out stencils to create an alternative to the traditional Jack-O-Lantern.  For several years, our family has chosen to proclaim our faith in a simple way by carving a cross or some other symbol of our faith in a pumpkin and placing it on our porch. After all this holiday was originally a Christian celebration.

This year my wife had the idea to carve our church logo in a pumpkin. I call it a “Ridge-@-Lantern“. We want to get people all over our community to see, not only our logo, but the cross lit up. SO, we’ve created simple stencils that you Ridgers can use to “represent” to your neighbors. Here’s the one our family carved…



In addition, we will be providing you with invite cards for our November teaching and worship series: Luv Handles: Getting A GRIP on God’s Design for Marriage which starts November 1. Halloween night is the one night all year that, for the most part, all of your neighbors are out in the neighborhood at the same time. Hopefully, we’ll be able to hand out and personally invite many of our neighbors and friends to The Ridge this Halloween. Give some candy to the kids too! 🙂

We had originally planned to do a carnival on Saturday the 31st. We have traditionally done one in the fall. However, the economy this year has just made it cost-prohibitive for us to pull off. We felt like this would be a unique, inexpensive way to do a little outreach. It also will give us all a chance to connect on a personal level with more people. It will take a little effort on all our parts to do, but it should be pretty effective. Besides it was a fun family activity!

*By the way, I bought a cheap pumpkin carving kit at Wal-Mart that really helped make the details easier. It was worth $4. 🙂


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