Crazy Couple Of Days…Perspective

The weather in Atlanta has been unprecidented. In Paulding Co., where we live, there has been 15-20 inches of rain. Amazing flooding. Roads totally washed away. Over 8o road closings in our area alone. Bridges found to have become unattached from the road, once the water had receded. Houses and cars underwater. Lightning strikes. Trees down. mudslides. Entire subdivisions submerged. Interstates closed all over ATL. You name it and it has happened…and in many cases waters are still rising, even though the rain has stopped. Schools will be closed Wednesday for the third day. There are pics all over facebook and the internet, so I won’t post any, just do a search on Paulding County Flood.

We are responding by helping people in our neighborhoods as we find needs. We also have mobilized a bunch of Ridgers to prepare food for our first responders and our Power Company workers. These guys have been going non-stop for 2+ days. They have done an amazing job and we just want to do something for them.

I am amazed too at how disconnected some people are during times like this. Some just are so focused on themselves that they seem oblivious to the suffering of people around them (just look at some facebook comments and you’ll see). Seven people have died in our area because of the flooding. One was a two year old boy whose mobile home was swept away and he with it. Puts it into perspective when all we can be thinking about is whether or not we get an extra day off of work or school.

Talked with one friend who had all of the earth washed away from the foundation of his house…18 inches of mud in his driveway and a 3-4 ft wide trench along the front of his house. He said he was blessed considering how others homes were totally under water. Great perspective. Great attitude.

We walk through our days so about ourselves and so about the moment. Maybe this type of experience will give us some perspective. I know it has for me. When the worst I had to worry about was clogged and overflowing gutters and limbs and trash all over the yard, I’m blessed. My family is safe. God has provided our shelter and needs.

We started a new series this past Sunday @ The Ridge called One Month To Live. It was raining that day pretty hard. My wife pointed out something I said that I didn’t even really think about or honestly didn’t remember until she reminded me. After reading James 4:14, “Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away,” I said, “You don’t even know if you are going to work tomorrow.” I had no idea how true that would be for most folks! Most of us couldn’t go to work or school yesterday…or even today! Maybe God wants our attention…just a thought.

We’ll continue this series Sunday. I think I will have a fresh perspective on it too. I hope you will pray for those in our community who need help…and reach out and do something too. I hope that you will thank God for what He has given you and done for you as well.

May we live our lives every day as if we only have one month to live. If you did that, what would you do differently? Would love to hear from you on that…

2 thoughts on “Crazy Couple Of Days…Perspective

  1. Just wanted to say that I never intended to point the finger at anyone in particular.Just want us all to keep in perspective. So many people are oblivious to the needs around them MOST of the time, not just in a disaster. Maybe this will wake us up further to the needs around us on a daily basis. One upside that was pointed out to me was that some have been able to spend extra time with their families. Definitely an upside to this whole thing!

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