Sunday Recap 9-13-09

Great day @ The Ridge today! Here’s the highlights:

  • The band was fantastic as usual. Kendall & Michelle nalied it!
  • Talked about what fellowship truly is. Fellowship, in the New Testament, comes from the Greek word koinonia and can be rendered community. however, more often the adjective form of that word is what is used in the NT writings, which is koinonos. That word means PARTNERSHIP.
  • In Acts 2:42, we read the description of the church at the beginning, which says, “They devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching and to the fellowship…” That word fellowship means partnership. We are called to a partnership when we put our faith in Jesus and become a part of His church. It isn’t a passive relationship, but an active one.
  • We spoke of how being in on of our Quest Groups is the best way to make that partnership connection, begin or continue the growing process of being a disciple.
  • A commitment to following Jesus is a Partnership that results in community happening. The kind of community that all of us long for.
  • Last night we saw 10 small groups form. It was a great time of connecting with one another. We had lots of  new faces getting connected in a group and began to form some new groups, including  a singles group and a women’s group in addition to a new Starting Point group.
  • Props to all of our group leaders for helping put together and pull off Connection Night. Awesome job! We had an Academy Awards-like theme to go along with our Entourage series that we just finished. Red carpet entrance, actual awards and everything. There was even some “famous” actors who made it up on stage. It was a lot of fun! Scott Byers did a great job as our Small Groups Coordinator. Kerri, Cheryl, Shirleen, Michelle and others did an awesome job as well with the decorations and the theme. Thanks to ALL of you guys who put in the extra effort to pull off a great Connection Night on a shoestring. 🙂
  • Can’t wait for our next series to begin. It is going to be one of the most important things we’ve done this year. Next Sunday, we introduce our new series, One Month To Live. What would you do if you found that you had one month to live? How would it change your perspective? INVITE SOMEONE NEXT SUNDAY to The Ridge. The next 30 days could change their life!

One thought on “Sunday Recap 9-13-09

  1. It was a fun time! And thanks to Deanna for dressing up and welcoming everyone is such star-studded fashion! Plus about a dozen other things she did. Also Lora, Sherry, Bill, Jeff and the youth, who helped shop and set up. It takes a village to throw a party 🙂

    (PS – someone left a spoon and crockpot lid – it will be at cafe this Sunday)

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