Friday Funny…with a serious question

This is one of my favorite bits from my favorite classic TV show. Don Knotts was pure comedy gold. Most people don’t know that Don Knotts is the only undefeated Emmy Award winner in TV history: Five straight nominations, five straight victories. No one could touch him in those days. Few today could touch him either. I laugh everytime I see this!

After you’ve laughed at this. Cry about this. How many of our politicians know as much about the constitution as Barney Fife? Sadly, many likely don’t. They don’t even read the legislation they vote on. They don’t even know what the founding fathers meant when they framed the constitution. Heck, our leaders don’t even want to hear the people…make them listen to us! The politicians just don’t get it, when it comes to the foundation of our government…The Constitution. Do you? Do your kids? They likely won’t be taught it correctly in school. It’s up to you and I as parents to know it ourselves, teach it to our kids, hold our leaders accountable to it, …make sure they know it…and vote accordingly.

Our leaders are servants of “We the people…” , not the other way around!

If you want a great site with lots of good, educational information and even a free copy of the Constitution, go HERE.

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