My day…not so fun

The day started out harmless enough. Today is my day off and it also happened to be payday. The payroll actually went through into our account (which is not always the case, but that’s another story), so I paid the bills thanking God once again for His provision.  We all decided to go into town together to run a few simple errands. Then I was going to return home to tackle the broken toilet.  First stop, the Post Office to mail some stuff followed by a stop at the bank, then to Sam’s Club for some groceries. We always cash a check to put into our Dave Ramsey budget envelopes.  As we pulled into the parking lot, there was the smell of anti-freeze and steam/smoke coming from the engine. Obviously a leak somewhere.

Well, I decided that since we were already in town, we’d get gas and put some water in the van to try and cool it down so we could go to Sam’s, then try to get the van home. After Sam’s we were almost home and the van got worse, smoking more then the temp gauge redlined. I pulled over at the Storage Xxtra where the church has a storage unit. The manager there , whom we know, was helpful. Turned out that there was a plastic “T” heater hose connector that had cracked and busted. Well, just had to let it cool and then replace it. It was pretty easy to get to.

Problem was, all of our frozen stuff was in the back of the van from Sam’s. It would be disasterous if all of that stuff thawed.  Fortunately, we have a storage unit there and there is an old refridgerator in there. SO…all of the kids grabbed arm loads of food, milk, etc. and walked down to our storage unit to put everything in there temporarily. We were quite the sight with stairsteps walking down the row of storage units with armloads of groceries. That temporary disaster averted, it was now time to turn our attention to how we would get everyone home.

The manager allowed me to use his pick up to take some ofthe crew home. Note that you cannot put 9 people in a pickup legally. I took my 13 year old and the two youngest home along with my wife so that we could return with my pickup. My 16 year old stayed at the Storage Xxtra with three of the middle kids. Wife and I left my 13 year old at home with the younger two and headed back with my truck to retrieve the rest of the crew. My 13 year old son called as soon as we left and said that the 2-year old had a “stinky” diaper. He gallantly changed her. What a hero!

After picking up the rest of the kids and returning the manager’s truck, we went back home to finally feed everyone lunch…it was 2pm and the samples from Sam’s were wearing off. I had removed what was left of the hose connector, so I wne to Auto Zone to seek out a replacement. After finding a suitable part, I also procured some antifreeze to replace what had leaked out. When I returned to the van, I was able to pretty easily replace the broken part. Great! Now, I must get back home to pick up my wife again, so that she can return with me to get the van and bring it back home…all before 4pm so that she can leave to take my 16 year old to her dance class in Acworth. It’s now 3:45pm.

I pick up the van and it seems fine as I am on my way back home with my wife behind me.  2-3 miles down the road and the oil pressure drops to nothing, then the temp redlines again. I’m about a half mile from Auto Zone, so I limp there and pull over. My wife comes in behind me and that’s where we left it. We rushed home and she took off with my 16 year old to her dance class. So I sit here with no vehicle waiting on a call from my mechanic friend…wait he just called…

Diagnosis…well it could be several things from simple to complex. I have to get back to it and check some things to tell him more. Probably gonna take a while until my wife returns home.  I think I will have to rent a vehicle for the weekend, because he may not be able to look at it until Monday.

This is all Dave Ramsey’s fault, you know. Two years ago, we got on Dave’s financial plan to get out of debt. The first baby-step in his plan is to put $1000 in an emergency fund, then you get to start attacking your debts using the debt snowball. For the last two years everytime we get close to having our emergency fund fully-funded, something breaks. I’m not kidding! That is no exageration. The car, the fridge, the van, the truck, the furnace, the van, the truck…you get the picture. We have only hit that “fully-funded” amount a couple of times, but hey! That’s what the emergency fund is for, right? At least I’ve had the money…some of the time anyway. Its just when more than one of these things hts at once.  So thanks Dave…even though I still think this is your fault. 🙂

I told my wife that no matter whether or not we can afford it, I am renting a vehicle for theweekend and the first part of the week. We have too many places to go, in too many different directions the next several days.

So that’s where we are…but God! He is still on the throne and my piddlin little problems are nothing compared to what many people are facing today, so I will rejoice in the trials and “consider it all joy” (James 1) as He continues the process of “conforming me to the likeness of His Son.”  (Romans 8:29)

On a positive note: my oldest was set to come home for the weekend Saturday because they had a huge end-of-the-first-week-of-class campus wide mixer event Friday night. That event was cancelled this afternoon because of the rains, so she’s coming home tonight! Yea! Can’t wait to see her. its been a long two weeks for me. 🙂


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