Weekend Recap: Community Makeover ’09

What an amazing weekend! When was the last time that you heard of 35 churches in one community coming together for anything other than a Billy Graham crusade?  Well, that’s what happened this weekend in Paulding County, GA (and a little of Cobb Co.). It was awesome to see churches coming together to impact a community. Thirty-five churches did around 400 ministry projects with about 3500-4000 volunteers. The Ridge had about 150 volunteers doing over 15 projects. We even had many opportunities to work alongside other churches on some big projects. It was fun, tiring, exhilarating, inspiring, and challenging. We, along with a large number of the churches involved, canceled our regular services and spent the day doing ministry projects in the community. Everything from cleaning up yards for widows, military wives, building projects for local charity ministries, painting and landscaping at local schools and more.

Tonight, reports of around 10,000 people were gathered together for a worship celebration in the parking lot of Sam’s  in Hiram. It was an awesome time of worship together! We even got to tailgate beforehand. Many people indicated that they were praying to receive Christ for the first time tonight! God was glorified, Jesus was lifted up. It was an awesome weekend and an awesome evening.

Our community was definitely impacted. My prayer is that this will not just be a one time event, but a catalyst that would bring a sweeping revival and spiritual awakening across our area. Father, if it would please You, make it so! Amen!

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